Site Stairs

Site Stairs

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Site stairs provides easy and safe access between levels from the very earliest stages of construction.

It weighs only 24kg yet is extremely strong and robust for site use and suits floor to floor heights of 2.65m to 3.05m.

SWL: 250kg


Improved for 2018 – Lighter but still as strong!

##STOP PRESS## 24/09/2015 Health & Safety Executive extremely concerned about use of ladders on site!

Download the Temporary Staircase userguide here

Download the Temporary specsheet here


Site Stairs provides easy and safe access between levels.

Site Stairs suits floor to floor heights of 2.65m to 3.05m.

Site Stairs are lightweight temporary site stairs which weigh only 24kg yet are extremely strong and robust on site. They are extremely easy to handle and can be positioned and fixed in just a couple of minutes.

A temporary site staircase is a great alternative to makes life on site much easier by allowing site personnel to walk up a temporary staircase rather than climbing up and down ladders during the early stages of construction.

Site Stairs also improve safety by removing the need for ladders, thereby significantly reducing the risk of falls by personnel climbing up and down ladders to upper floors.

Site Stair was originally developed as an important safety solution, however, since its launch it has become apparent that of equal importance is the improvement it gives to site working conditions as well as production, financial and technical benefits.

  • Safer access than ladders
  • Rapid installation with simple secure fixing method
  • Double guardrails for safe, easy access
  • Constructed from robust aluminium – low damage – long lifespan
  • Anti-slip treads for safe access on site
  • Complies with BSEN131
  • Weighs only 24kg for ease of handling and manual handling compliance
  • Suits short and long duration work
  • Standard stair suits typcal floor to floor heights of 2.65m to 3.05m
  • Width of 0.65m to suit smallest of applications
  • Next Day delivery for urgent requirements
  • Later installation of finished stairs – reduced damage and improved cash flow
  • Temporary staircase SWL 250kg

Site Stairs specifications

  • Length: 3800mm
  • Width: 630mm (730mm at handrail sockets)
  • Weight of stairs: 30kg
  • Weight of handrails: 10kg
  • SWL: 250kg
  • Floor heights: 2.65m to 3.05m

When used in conjunction with temporary guardrails to floor edges, stairwells can be both safe and provide good quality access from the early stages of construction.


Site stair is proving to be an important step forward in improving working conditions within the housebuilding industry.

Like many great innovations, simple solutions are quite often the best.
What could be simpler or more beneficial than allowing operatives to walk up a staircase rather than climbing up a ladder?
There is no training required, the lightweight aluminium stair unit simply lifts into position and is secured by two screws. The side handrails then drop into position and the temporary staircase is complete.
Many tasks are carried out during the early stages of construction prior to the installation of the permanent stairs. These tasks could include joinery, brickwork, insulation, window installation to mention just a few.
To carry out this work site personnel are required to either climb up and down a ladder or go up the external scaffold and climb through the window to gain access – both methods far from ideal!
Safety Platforms know that Site Stair will radically change the way operatives gain access to upper floors in the housebuilding industry. Nine years ago, we launched “Stairsafe” this is now the safest and most popular stairwell access platform used by plasterers, dryliners and decorators throughout the UK housebuilding industry.
The stairs are 0.6m wide and suit floor to floor heights ranging from 2.65m to 3.05m. Full specification on attached sheet

Constructed from lightweight, robust aluminium with low profile anti-slip treads the stairs are robust enough for daily site use yet light enough to be lifted into position by one person. At less than 24kg Easy Stair is solid and strong yet is easy to handle weighing less than many aluminium ladders.

The stairs are secured by two screws, double guardrails to both sides simply drop into position.


Download the Temporary Staircase userguide here

Download the Temporary Staircase specsheet here

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