Folding Scaffold Tower

The portable folding scaffold tower that I bought from Michael at Safety Platforms is the best bit of safety equipment I have ever bought. Buying the portable folding scaffold tower was a painless process, it was really well priced and Michael got the tower despatched by courier next day, it arrived on a pallet, the driver even took the old pallet away, awesome service.

Erecting the portable folding scaffold tower is a simple affair, once the wheels are locked, climb up and work away. The portable scaffold tower is well constructed and the welding on it is top quality. Big thank you to Michael & Safety Platforms for everything.

Folding scaffold tower 1.7m platform height

Folding Scaffold Tower

Hi Michael

It’s been a few weeks now since we took delivery of the folding scaffold tower and I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with it. It has been put to good use since it was received already. From painting the ornate ceiling I mentioned to installing clips on an overhead cable to putting concrete balls on two pillars. All done safely using the stabilisers, where necessary, and without concern.

We can see that it will become a really handy bit of kit.

Thanks again for your time in sorting the order especially the 1.0m sections – they were spot on.

All the best