UK Plaster Board Sheet Trolley

Maintain safe social distancing on site with our UK plaster board sheet trolley, available for only £189. In stock and ready for despatch from our UK warehouse.

Our plasterboard trolley is made from high quality strong steel angle section in our UK factory. Manufactured in the UK, the board trolley has an impressive 820kg working load. Using a board trolley to move plaster board sheets or board materials is quicker, easier and safer. A board trolley reduces the need for manual handling and enables a single operative to move 820kg of plasterboards in a single trip. Reducing manual handling and movement on site help to maintain Covid site safety.

Robustly manufactured in the UK, the board trolley has solid rubber tyres, two fixed wheels and two swivel wheels for enhanced movement and excellent manoeuvrability on site. The powder coated finish to the board trolley is easy to keep clean and sanitised. The side rail can be removed to convert the board trolley into a flatbed trolley. Removing the side rail enables the board trolley to be transported or stored easily.

Order the UK plaster board sheet trolley from Safety Platforms for only £189. The plasterboard trolley is ready for despatch from the UK and available for next day delivery. Order a high quality UK made board trolley with speedy UK delivery.



Plasterboard Trolley in Stock

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