Defender Lights LED Temporary Site Lighting

Safety Platforms have Defender lights in stock, ready for next day delivery on site now.

The Defender lights are extremely popular temporary builders lights and are ideal for using in areas with low levels of natural light.

Even during summer when the days are long, when working in a basement or a covered stairwell, lighting levels can be low, reducing your productivity and performance. The Defender lights are a practical solution to low light levels and provide operatives with a bright and almost shadow free lighting. Working in poor light can impact upon your performance, with bright LED lighting from the Defender uplight, you can clearly see your work area. Lack of light is problem for plasterers, with the Defender lights, you can work in the darkest areas and still have bright and clear light from your temporary site lighting which can be moved as you work to enable you to work quickly and efficiently.

The Defender uplights are used as construction lights due to their versatility and can be used a freestanding site light with its own base or positioned to suit. Order your temporary site lights from Safety Platforms and you’ll receive a FREE safestep while stocks last. Order your Defender lights and receive a handy safestep absolutely free today and tomorrow you could be working quicker with your LED site lights delivered to site.


Roof Truss Ladder For Roofing Safety

The Safety Platforms STA System is a roof truss ladder designed to make the installation of bracing timbers to roof trusses easier and safer for carpenters when working at height.

The STA system roof truss ladder provides roofers and carpenters with a safe means of access to the higher levels of the roof trusses to which the timbers are fixed. Fixing timbers to the roof trusses is a high risk and dangerous activity on house building sites, with potential falls of up to 7 metres and the risk of serious injury.

Using the specially designed roof truss ladder, the STA System by Safety Platforms, you can make working at height fixing the timbers to the roof trusses significantly safer. Not only does the STA system provide safer access for joiners and roofers fixing timbers, as they have both hands free, they can carry out their work quicker.

The STA System roof truss ladder enables operatives to work safer and quicker, using the trusses as additional protection and lateral restraint brackets to prevent movement sideways of the roof truss ladder. The safe roof truss system is an industrial strength class 1 ladder, a bespoke truss ladder compliant with BS2037.

The STA System roof truss ladder is easy to install and take seconds to position safely and once positioned, it can be used to fix four roof trusses.

Don’t risk injury to site staff, delays on site or a time consuming HSE investigation and expensive fine, order your STA System for easy timber fixing today from Safety Platforms.




Heavy Duty Board Trolley only £189.00

The ever popular Safety Platforms heavy duty board trolley has been discounted to £189.00 whilst stocks last. Get your heavy duty plasterboard trolley and make light of transferring plasterboards on site.

Unlike some other board trolleys on the market, the Safety Platforms heavy duty board trolley has been designed and manufactured in the UK and is available with next day delivery.We have board trolleys in stock ready to dispatch to you, when you order a UK manufactured board trolley, you can rely on quick delivery, not need to wait weeks for an overseas delivery!

We don’t ‘buy in’ trolleys, our board trolleys are manufactured here in the UK in our own factory, we’ve made them and so we know how they’re made and the rigorous testing they undergo to pass our high standards at Safety Platforms. Our board trolleys are manufactured from steel angle steel and the heavy duty board trolley can easily be converted into a flat bed trolley by simply removing the side rail, making this a practical and and useful board trolley for using on site, giving you two trolley options in one practical board trolley.

The Safety Platforms heavy duty board trolley is a practical and time saving solution for moving boards on site, reducing the need to manhandle and carry large unwieldy boards, risking either an injury to yourself or another worker.

Order your heavy duty board trolley from Safety Platforms today and you could be working easier with your Safety Platforms board trolley delivered to you on site.

Temporary Stairwell Edge Protection

Keep site workers safe whilst working at height with our cost effective edge protection system. Site safety does need to be expensive and cumbersome to use, the Safety Platforms temporary stairwell edge protection provides a low cost, high performance, effective protection for both stairwell edges and floor edges during construction.

The Safety Platforms temporary edge protection is manufactured in the UK, providing a highly visual edge protection with its bright yellow colour, it provides a physical edge safety barrier and has a bold visual presence, providing protection for stairwell edges and floor edges which is BSEN13374 Temporary Edge Protection Systems compliant.

Ensuring your site or work environment has adequate protection for stairwell edges and floor edges is a key element to complying with the Work at Height regulations 2005 and providing a safe working environment. Our temporary stairwell protection system complies with the Work at Height regulations and requirements, reducing the risk of injury from falls from height due to unprotected edges and stairwells.

The stairwell edging protection is quick and easy to set up without specialist knowledge, creating a secure protective edge which is made by fixing posts to the floor and using timber between the posts to create a double guardrail.

Safety Platforms have reliable, cost effective safety solutions making working at height safer. Order your temporary stairwell edge protection system from Safety Platforms today and you could be working more safely tomorrow with our easy to use safety edging, available with next day delivery. Stay Safe with Safety Platforms.

Easy Stair Temporary Staircase

The Easy Stair temporary staircase from Safety Platforms is an easy to use and install site stairs providing safe, easy access for site personnel between levels from the early stages of construction prior to the installation of the staircase.

The Easy Stair temporary staircase is manufactured from strong and durable aluminium. The sturdy aluminium staircase weighs less than 25kg for safe and easy manual handling. The temporary staircase has a double guardrail and an anti-slip tread for extra safety on site.

The Easy Stair temporary staircase provides site personnel with a safe and secure means of accessing floor to floor. The aluminium temporary site staircase is suitable for use for floor heights from 2.65m up to 3.05m.

When you use the Easy Stair temporary staircase on site, you have a safe access system between floor. The practical and hard wearing aluminium temporary staircase has a safe working load of 250kg. Site workers can access the floors quickly and safely with our lightweight aluminium temporary staircase.

A secure temporary staircase for access between floors provides site workers with a safe means of accessing floors and reduces the risk of injury and is fully compliant with BSEN131. Why struggle trying to secure a traditional ladder in place between floors and with the risk of  a fall from height and a prosecution by the HSE? Work safely with the Safety Platforms Easy Stair temporary staircase, we can arrange next day delivery for urgent orders, order online today.




No Nocs Scaffold Bumpers Next Day Delivery

Safety Platforms have the No Nocs scaffold bumpers in stock for next day delivery.

The No Nocs scaffold bumpers are a practical solution to problem of new finished walls or surfaces being marked or damaged when scaffolding equipment knocks against the surface. If you have had to re-plaster a wall or repaint an area because your scaffolding platform has scuffed or marked the surface of the wall, you need the No Nocs surface protectors. The No Nocs scaffolding bumpers are quick and easy to fit to your scaffolding equipment, saving you both time and money and.

The No Nocs scaffolding bumpers are the ideal surface protector for professional trades people.

Whether you’re working in an occupied and finished building or working on a building under construction, the No Nocs scaffold bumpers are designed to reduce and prevent the damage caused to building finishes by scaffold towers and work platforms. The easy to fit No Nocs scaffold bumpers prevent surfaces becoming scuffed or damaged whilst working on site.

Why pay for repair work caused by accidental damage when scaffolding towers come into contact with the fabric of the building? The No Nocs surface protectors can prevent the damage that occurs when equipment comes into contact with a newly finished surface.

The No Nocs scaffold bumpers meet all industry safety standards and are made from a high quality fire retardant foam. The foam surface protector has an external diameter of 200mm and is fitted by simply pushing the surface protector into position around the scaffolding. The No Nocs protection system has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of site equipment.

Save time and money, maintain a professional finish to your work with the No Nocs surface protector scaffold bumpers from Safety Platforms.


Free Toeboard Giveaway Now On

Don’t miss out on our folding scaffold tower special offer, for a limited period we’re having a FREE toeboard giveaway with every folding scaffolding tower ordered.

Order your folding scaffolding tower today from Safety Platforms and we’ll include a free toeboard worth £60.00 with your order, delivered to site. Don’t miss out on this amazing offer, when they’re gone! Our scaffolding toe boards are be available online from £60.00, to claim your free toeboard order your folding scaffold tower online and don’t miss out.

Toe boards used in conjunction with a scaffolding tower help to maintain the integrity and safety of your scaffold platform work.  Toe boards provide additional security, preventing feet slipping from the edge of the scaffold platform and significantly reducing the risk of injury from tools and materials falling over the side of the scaffold platform which could result in either injury or damage to equipment.

Toe boards must be fitted to working platforms or scaffolding towers where the danger of tools or materials falling off the platform edge has been recognised. Even low level platforms can present a hazard on site.

To receive your FREE toeboard from Safety Platforms, order one of our practical and easy to use lightweight aluminium folding scaffolding towers and to receive a free toe board delivered with your folding scaffold tower. We understand that you’re busy, so your order can delivered to your work site. Order online and we could delivery your order tomorrow.

Safety Platforms, helping you keep your work environment safe and HSE compliant. Order your folding scaffold tower today to take advantage of our FREE toeboard offer while stocks last.

Folding Scaffolds Delivered to Site

The Safety Platforms are ready to deliver folding scaffolds to sites throughout the UK and because you’re busy, we deliver our UK manufactured scaffolds to sites, ready for you to start working with next day delivery if you need a folding scaffold quickly.

Safety Platforms have a complete range of folding scaffolds from 600mm folding scaffolds up to 6.1m folding tower scaffolds, manufactured from strong yet light aluminium. The 6.1m folding scaffold has an impressive working height of 8.1 metres and is easy to erect and the ideal choice for many traders that undertake work at height. Our 600mm folding scaffold tower has a working height of 2.6 metres, ideal for interior low level decorating. We can deliver the folding scaffolding tower of your choice on site if required from 600m scaffolding towers with a range of practical folding scaffolding towers increasing in height up to 6.1 metres.

The Safety Platforms folding scaffold tower is a popular choice, providing safe, easy access at a price significantly less than our competitors. Why pay more when you can order your practical, cost effective folding scaffold from Safety Platforms and have it delivered for the next day. Our folding tower scaffolds provide you with safe, fast access for your low level tasks. The folding scaffolding tower has a simple yet extremely effective design which means the base section can be erected in less than 60 seconds and there are no small fiddly parts to lose.

The folding scaffolds are supplied with a sturdy platform which can be positioned at any rung level on the scaffold tower to ensure you’re always working at the perfect working height. The scaffolding tower has locking castors that enable the scaffolding tower to be securely locked into position and then moved easily from room to room or to a new work situation.

This versatile range of folding scaffold towers can also be added to with the addition of a guardrail pack, height extension packs and outriggers making this the practical choice for all trades when working at height on site. For increased functionality, adjustable legs are also available to allow the folding scaffolds to be used externally on uneven ground.

Order your folding scaffolds online today and you could be working from your folding scaffold tower tomorrow.

Housing Stairwell Platform

Stairsafe is safe and popular housing stairwell platform used by plasterers, dryliners and many other trades who are required to complete work within housing stairwells.

It’s easy to provide safe access for site personnel working at height with the Safety Platforms Stairsafe system, why risk a HSE prosecution? Order online and you could be using your housing stairwell platform the next day, keeping site personnel safe when working at height within a stairwell. Our Stairsafe access ladder and platform is a cost effective solution for gaining safe access when working within a stairwell. The Stairsafe can be erected by a single operative within 2 minutes, with the aluminium and plywood platform weighs only 14kg which can easily be carried up the stairs. Stairwells without a safe means of access create potential health and safety problems with the potential of HSE prosecutions and heavy fines.

The Safety Platforms Stairsafe access system easy to use with just two main components, the ladder frame and platform.  The Stairsafe is an easy to use housing stairwell platform which can be used in in most stairwells, providing safe access when working at height.

The Stairwell system is available from £445.00 with the additional add-on features of guardrails and braces. Light and easy to use, why manhandle cumbersome scaffolding poles within a narrow stairwell space when in less than 2 minutes, you can have safe access with the practical, easy to use Stairsafe housing stairwell platform.

For safe, convenient access within stairwells, order your practical and easy to erect Stairwell housing stairwell platform today and keep safe on site with Safety Platforms.




Defender Uplight LED Stick Light with Base £123.59 Delivered

Why pay more when you can order your LED Defender uplight from Safety Platforms for just £123.59 delivered.

When you order your LED Defender work uplight from Safety Platforms, our extremely competitive price also includes a Defender wobble base for your LED stick light. The Defender wobble base is easy to use and self rights itself up to 60 degrees.  Made from ABS plastic, the Defender uplight wobble base can be filled with water or sand for base stability. When working in confined areas, work lights can be knocked over and damaged, the self righting wobble base helps to prevent costly accidents.

The Defender LED uplight is the perfect choice when you’re working in an area without natural light or in low light conditions. Stairwells and enclosed rooms can present dark or low light working conditions which requirement clean, bright illumination and the Defender LED uplight provides a daylight white light with a 120 degree light spread with minimal shadow casting.

Safety Platforms Defender uplight includes the Defender wobble base and for a limited time, our Defender uplight special offer also includes a FREE Safestep worth £20.

For less than £124.00, order from Safety Platforms to receive the Defender work uplight, Defender wobble base and Safestep, delivered.