Temporary Site Stairs – Easy Stair

The Safety Platforms Easy Stair is an easy to install and practical solution on site, temporary site stairs for easy access on site between levels.

Temporary site stairs allow access between levels while work on site is ongoing. The Safety Platforms Easy Stair is available for only £495 and with a next day delivery option online.

The Easy Stair from Safety Platforms is a safe, secure temporary staircase constructed from strong aluminium which weighs only 24kg for convenient and easy handling and can easily be fixed in position in minutes. Using the Easy Stair to gain access to upper levels under construction is safer than using traditional ladders, tied in position. The Easy Stair temporary site stairs provide site operatives a safe means of access without needing to use unwieldy ladders that are awkward to tie in position.

The Easy Stair can be used for either a short duration or for longer term period, lightweight and easy to install, the standard Easy Stair is suitable use with floor to floor heights between 2.65m and 3.05m and its width of .65m means it can be used for even the smallest access points. The Easy Stair has a double handrail, making access much easier and safer between floors with the practical alternative to ladders. Why struggle moving materials and equipment between levels, the Easy Stair has a comfortable wide tread and handrail for easier and safer work on site.

For safer access on site between levels, order your Easy Stair, the aluminium temporary site stairs, from Safety Platforms online for only £495.

Cheap Building Site Lights

Starting a new job or new contract on a construction site in the New Year? Searching for powerful, cheap building site lights. Safety Platforms have the construction industry favourite site light, the Defender uplight available now for the special offer price of £74.50.

The Defender uplight is a popular site light for many tradesmen and includes the wobble base. Space can be tight on construction sites and in a confined work space, site lighting can get knocked over and damaged or broken. The Defender wobbly light is a bright LED site light that is supplied with a free standing wobble base that allows the LED site light to wobble and right itself if it is knocked or bumped.

The dark shorter days during the winter months are a problem on site for many trades especially plasterers who want bright bright light on site to a good finish to their plasterwork. The Defender Uplight site light is ideal for plasterers and tradesmen on site to ensure they achieve a professional finish to their work. The Safety Platforms special offer price of £74.50 for the Defender uplight is an offer not to be missed, good quality cheap building site lights for only £74.50 while stocks last.

Order your cheap building site lights from Safety Platforms and be ready for the New Year on site with the Defender LED site light for only £74.50.

Telescopic Ladder

Order your telescopic ladder from Safety Platforms for only £149 online.

Many tradesmen now prefer to use telescopic compact ladders on construction sites instead of using heavy, cumbersome traditional ladders. The Safety Platforms telescopic ladders are compact, light, easy to use and easy to store. The Zarges Telemaster compact telescopic ladders are also supplied with a free storage carry case for your Zarges compact ladder.

The Zarges compact ladder extends with a full extended length of 3.8m and a closed compact ladder length of 0.84m. One of the many benefits of a telescopic ladder is the compact size of the ladder when in the closed position, the telescopic ladders fit easily into a car or van and can easily be moved and handled by a single operative with a weight of 13.71kg. Using telescopic compact ladders frees up storage space in vehicles, making it easier to transport the ladders leaving more space for equipment and materials and reduces the overall weight load for the vehicle. The ladder also has a wide tread, making the compact ladder comfortable and safe to use.

The telescopic compact ladder offers tradesmen and domestic users alike, a compact ladder with a useful 3.8m extended ladder length which also has a weight rating of 150kg for the telescopic Zarges work ladder and fully compliant with the new 2018 EN 131 regulations. The compact ladder can be extended rung by rung to the desired work height, removing the need to transport ladders of different lengths when a practical, versatile option is the Zarges compact ladder.

Order the Zarges telescopic ladder from Safety Platforms for only £149 with a two year warranty and available with a next day delivery option.


Plasterboard Trolley Special Offer

The Safety Platforms practical plasterers plasterboard trolley is available online for only £179.00.

Using a plasterers plasterboard trolley on construction sites makes the movement and transfer of plasterboard sheets on site quicker and easier. Using a plasterers board trolley to move plasterboards reduces the need to manually handle plasterboards when moving plasterboards on site. The Safety Platforms board trolley is a multi-purpose board trolley and can easily be converted into a useful flatbed trolley by simply releasing and removing the side rail of the board trolley.

The plaster board trolley is currently available online at the special offer price of £179 from Safety Platforms and available with next day delivery.

The Safety Platforms board trolleys have a carrying load capacity of 820kg which in plasterboard sheets equates to 24 sheets of 12.5mm plasterboards. Why waste time carrying plasterboard sheets when working on building sites when 24 sheets of plasterboard can be moved from a van to building site quickly and easily with minimal manual handling.

The Safety Platforms plasterboard trolley is manufactured in the UK and available for next day delivery, plasterers order the Safety Platforms, quality assured plasterboard trolley for quick next day delivery of a UK made sturdy board trolley.

Order your UK manufactured plasterboard trolley for only £179, available while stocks last at the online special offer price of £179 plasterers trolley. Order today for a UK quality assured plaster board trolley for only £179 from Safety Platforms.


Scaffold Foam Protectors Only £4.95

The No Nocs scaffold foam protectors are only £4.95 online from Safety Platforms.

The No Noc scaffolding protection system is extremely popular on construction sites and many site managers  now require scaffold protectors to be used on site as a matter of course. The No Nocs scaffold foam protectors are an extremely effective scaffolding protection system that is quick and easy to use and due to its design can be re-used, making the No Nocs a cost effective means of protecting walls and skirtings from damage cause by contact by scaffold towers or other equipment.

Using No Nocs scaffold protectors prevents damage to finished wall coverings and surfaces, the foam scaffold protectors cushion and prevent the scaffold tower scrapping or scuffing against the wall. Preventing damage from scaffold tower scrapes and scuffs is quick easy and convenient with the No Nocs system, the thick foam scaffold bumpers are simply pushed into position  and can be used time and time again.

Use the scaffold foam protectors from Safety Platforms to avoid works overrunning due to wall covering having to be repaired because of damage caused by scaffold towers. Damage caused by scaffold towers on construction sites can result in completion delays and increased cost.

Keep control of costs on site, avoiding unnecessary expense – order your No Nocs scaffold foam protectors from Safety Platforms today.

Compact Telescopic Ladder by Zarges

The Safety Platforms compact telescopic ladder is available online for only £149 and available with a next day delivery option.

Transporting ladders to a site can be a problem for many tradesmen, traditional ladders can be heavy and cumbersome to transport and position on site, with the Zarges 3.8m telescopic ladder,  you now only need one ladder which has multiple telescopic height options. Buy the Zarges compact ladder for a practical telescopic ladder with variable height options suitable for a wide range of tasks at home and on site.

The compact telescopic ladder easily fits into a car boot and is easy to handle, with the Zarges telescopic ladder there’s no need to struggle manhandling a standard ladder into a van or onto a roof rack, this compact ladder is easy to transport and takes up minimal storage space making it easy to use and transport to site.

The Zarges compact 3.8m telescopic ladder is EN 131 compliant and has a 150kg weight rating.

There’s no need to struggle to store long heavy ladders and try to get your ladders out with the Zarges compact telescopic ladder. This popular ladder is only 0.84m in its closed position, making it a favourite with DIY homeowners due to it compact size and 3.8m extension. The Zarges ladder is easy to store in cupboard when not in use with a storage length of 0.84m and extending to 3.8m making this a practical ladder for domestic use.

Tradesmen are using compact telescopic ladders on site because they are easy to transport to building sites due to their compact size, easy fitting into the back of a van or a car and they offer versatility with a range of telescopic height options from just a single ladder. The Zarges compact ladders are easy to move and handle on site by a single operative.

For practical easy access when working at height, use the Zarges compact telescopic ladder, the practical space saving compact ladder available from Safety Platforms online for only £149, order yours today.


Scaffold Wall Protectors

The No Nocs foam scaffold bumpers are easy to use scaffold wall protectors. It is quick and easy to prevent accidental damage caused by scaffolding to wall finishes, wallpaper and skirtings, use the No Nocs scaffold bumpers to prevent accidental scuffs and damage.

Many construction sites now require the use of scaffold bumpers on site to prevent accidental damage on site caused by scaffolding towers scraping against finished wall surfaces. Using scaffold wall protectors on site with scaffold towers reduces the possibility of damage occurring which results in delays to the completion of work on site as the damaged surfaces need to be repaired, increasing costs and work times.

The No Nocs scaffold wall protectors are made from durable fire retardant foam material and the No Nocs scaffold bumpers are designed to fit and be compatible with a wide range of scaffold and tower systems. The No Nocs scaffold bumpers can be re-used and their simple to use design fits onto an extensive array of equipment.

Protecting wall coverings and surfaces while constructing work continues on site is easy with the cost effective No Nocs scaffold wall protectors. Order No Nocs scaffold bumpers online from Safety Platforms which are available with a next day delivery option. No Nocs bumpers are available online for only £4.95, protect surfaces on site with the easy to use scaffold bumper from Safety Platforms.

Defender LED Light Offer

Safety Platforms have a special offer on Defender construction site lights until Christmas, with the Safety Platforms Defender LED light offer the Defender LED uplight is available online for only £74.99.

With a price better than Black Friday deals and running until Christmas, the Safety Platforms special offer price of £74.99 for the popular Defender site light is an unmissable offer from Safety Platforms.

The Defender LED uplight is a popular work light with a wobble base. The Defender wobble light is a practical work light that will right its position if knocked or bumped, avoiding the need to replace broken or damaged site lights.

The Defender LED light offer from Safety Platforms is available online for the lowest price on the internet only until Christmas.

The Defender LED uplift is popular with many tradesmen working in the building trade, it is a robust light, able to sustain knocks and bumps without falling over and breaking, the Defender wobble base enables the light to right itself to an upright position. During the winter months or when working later in the evening, natural daylight levels can be a problem for all tradesmen but especially plasterers and decorators where achieving a good finish is critical. The Defender LED uplight provides bright, shadow free lighting.

Light up your work life with the Safety Platforms Defender LED light offer today, next day delivery is available for the LED site light with 50%.

Telescopic Edge Protection Guardrails

The telescopic edge protection guardrails  available online from Safety Platforms are an easy to use stairwell safety system. This telescopic stairwell protection system comprises of robust upright steel posts which are fixed in position around the stairwell or area to be secured with screws which secure the upright post into position through the post base plate. Telescopic tubes connect the upright posts which then forms a secure double stairwell.

The telescopic edge protection guardrails are used to create a secure stairwell protection system that can be erected quickly without needing to cut timber lengths to fit, saving time and manpower on construction sites. Using telescopic edge protection guardrails is an extremely cost effective method of guarding stairwells, the telescopic edge guardrail system can be reused time and time again without the need to cut timber and discard when the guardrails and posts are dismantled. For increased protection and to prevent tools or equipment rolling into the stairwell void, toeboards can also be secured to the post base plates.

The Safety Platforms telescopic edge protection guardrails system is a practical and versatile stairwell protection system with upright support posts that have an anti-luce fitting so that they can be used at corners or at the end of runs or as mid-posts.

With the telescopic edge protection guardrails system from Safety Platforms, is it easy to position and erect the highly visible edge protection by simply securing the posts to the floor quickly and easily without a joiner.

Work safely on building sites with telescopic edge protection guardrails from Safety Platforms, order yours online today and you could be working safer tomorrow.

Defender LED Site Lights Half Price Offer

Safety Platforms have an unmissable 50% off Defender LED site lights offer available online until Christmas.

Buy your half price Defender LED site lights or why not buy 2 practical LED construction site lights now for the usual full price and make working in winter easier with our special offer deal of 50% off the price of the popular building site light, the Defender LED uplight.

Buy your Defender Uplights from Safety Platforms for only £74.99, this offer is available until Christmas. After the festive season ends, the Defender Uplight will be available online at its usual price of £150.00.

Order your wobble base light from Safety Platforms and take advantage of our massive price reduction, the Defender LED site lights are popular with many tradesmen working in the construction industry due to the wobble base of the Defender light.

When natural light is limited, it can be difficult to for trades such plasterers and decorators to achieve a professional finish when working with low levels of light. The Defender Uplight is a popular LED construction site light, used by a wide range of trades thanks to its bright and clear light. Some site lights may provide illumination but cast a shadow which can make achieving a smooth plaster finish difficult, however, choose the Defender LED site light, with 50% off from Safety Platforms and work with a site light that casts no shadow, the winter months don’t have to limit the working day.

For bright illumination on site, order your half price Defender LED site lights online from Safety Platforms today.