Work Lights for Plasterers

Work lights for plasterers are rapidly becoming an essential piece of a plasterer’s equipment. Plasterers need good levels of light to ensure they can achieve a good smooth finish to their plastering work. Low light levels can be a problem for plasterers and many other trades. For clear bright LED work illumination, many plasterers choose the Defender Uplight.

Safety Platforms can deliver to work sites the Defender Uplights,  popular and practical work lights, with next day delivery.

Work lights are a practical solution to low light levels when working on site. The Defender Uplight is an easy to use work light for plasterers working with low levels of light. Low light levels can make it difficult to see or cast shadows on the surface which is a problem for plasterers.

Good quality work lights like the Defender Uplight enable plasterers to keep working when the light levels decrease. With the Defender Uplight there’s no need to stop working when the weather is overcast or during the winter months when the days are shorter.

Bad weather or cloudy overcast conditions needn’t stop work on site, with a bright LED work light from Safety Platforms, plasterers have a clear bright source of light.

The Defender Uplight from Safety Platforms is now on  special offer, order your Defender Uplight from Safety Platforms and we’ll include a FREE safestep with your order. Order your work lights from Safety Platforms and you’ll receive an extremely useful safestep, free of charge.

Reduce Plasterboard Wastage with Plasterers Trolley

Using a plasterers trolley to move plaster boards on site can help to reduce plasterboard wastage, reduced wastage of plaster board sheets also reduces costs and takes less time to move plaster boards on site.

The Safety Platforms plasterers trolley is a sturdy 4 wheeled trolley that transports plasterboards safely and securely on site. Plasterboards can easily be be damaged if they are dropped and the corners of the plaster boards sheets are more vulnerable. Plasterers looking to reduce plasterboard wastage use a plasterers board trolley to move their plasterboards on site.

The Safety Platforms plasterers trolleys are available to order online with next day delivery if required. Using a plasterboard trolley to move plasterboards can prevent damage to plasterboards during transfer from works van to work site. When plasterboards are manhandled on site, edges and corners can be knocked, damaging the corner or edge and in sometimes wasting the complete sheet of plasterboard.

A Safety Platforms board trolley enables plasterers to made up to 500kg of plaster board sheets in one easy and convenient trip. Plasterboards are safely stowed on the robust 4 wheel board trolley and transported on site to where they’re needed without rough manhandling or damage.

With a plasterers trolley, plasterers are finding that they can spend less time moving and transferring plaster boards and reduce the risk of damaging plaster boards, saving money and time with the Safety Platforms practical board trolley. Order online today and you could be saving money and time and reduce plasterboard wastage when you use the Safety Platforms Plasterers trolley.



Plasterers Dolly For Increased Productivity

Do you want a cost effective and effective means of increasing your productivity? Using a Safety Platforms plasterers dolly enables plasterers to not only load plaster board sheets quickly, using a plasterers trolley to move sheets of plasterboard on site reduces the risk of damage to the plaster board sheets and reduces the time needed to handle the board sheets.

When arriving on site, why waste your time manually lifting plaster board sheets out of your van to your work site, using a Safety Platforms plasterers dolly, simply stack the plaster boards on the trolley and you’re ready to move your plaster boards easily with our plasterers trolley, easily, quickly and conveniently, ready for use.

Using a plasterers trolley to transport plasterboard sheets on site means that you don’t have to laboriously lift heavy plasterboard sheets. By reduced the need for manhandling of the plaster boards, you’re reducing your risk of injury and making your working environment and practices safer.

A plasterers dolly or plasterers trolley can limit or reduce the possibility off damage occurring to the plasterboard sheets, plasterboards can be easily damaged when dropped or a board slips from your grip.

Make moving plaster board sheets easy with a generously proportioned plasterers trolley which has a safe working load capacity of 500kg easily. The 4 wheeled plasterers dolly is easy to handle and manouevre due to the 4 heavy duty rubber wheels which allow for easy movement on site.


Order your 4 wheel plasterers dolly from Safety Platforms and spend less time carrying plaster boards on site when you can move them quickly and easily with a plaster board trolley.

Sheet Goods Trolley 10% Off

Grab one before they’re gone at this price, 10% off the Safety Platforms sheet goods trolley while stocks last. There’s a red hot 10% off our popular board trolley with online ordering and next delivery if required.

The Safety Platforms sheet goods trolley is in stock and ready for dispatch, our board trolleys are manufactured in our UK factory ready to be delivered to you. When you order from Safety Platforms, we can arrange next day delivery. Why wait for a delivery from China which could take over 6 weeks when you could be using our UK manufactured sheet goods trolley to move your sheets goods on site tomorrow.

With 10% off the price of a sheet goods trolley, this special summer saver offer is too good to miss!

Our practical, multi-purpose trolley is used by glazers to move sheets of glass and there is also a high demand from plasters as a plaster board trolley. This sturdy board trolley converts quickly into a flatbed trolley by removing the side rail which also allows for easy transportation, taking up minimal space in your van.

You want a board trolley you can trust and rely upon, the Safety Platforms sheet goods trolley is designed to be hard wearing with heavy duty rubber wheels for smooth manouevring, manufactured from strong tubular steel.

Order online today for next working day and order your new board trolley from Safety Platforms.


High Sided Trolley for Boards Offer

The UK made Safety Platforms board trolley is a high sided trolley for boards and sheets. The Safety Platforms board trolley is a high sided board trolley designed and manufactured in the UK from high quality steel, combining practicality and strength for reduced manual handling on site. We’re enjoying the sun at the moment but when you need to move materials on site, its physically demanding in the scorching heat. Our popular board trolley is currently available at the limited availability offer price of £179, order yours and move your boards, no sweat.

Moving plasterboards on site can be time consuming, heavy manual work, using a high sided trolley for boards makes moving plaster board sheets quick and convenient on site. The high sided board trolley allows you to load the board trolley with plaster boards or sheets in an upright position, reducing the possibility of damage to the boards and increasing productivity. With 4 heavy duty wheels, the high sided board trolley is easy to manouevre with 2 fixed position wheels and 2 swivel wheels, the high sided trolley for boards transports your boards on site with ease.

Why risk damaging your boards by piling boards up on a flat bed trolley, use a high sided board trolley to keep your plaster board in perfect condition during transfer from works van to work site. The Safety Platforms high sided board trolley can be converted into a flatbed trolley by quickly removing the side bar, making this a practically 2 trolleys in 1, giving you flexibility on site to move materials and equipment easily.

The Safety Platforms high sided trolley for boards is currently in stock and on offer for a limited time for £179, for only £179 a high sided board trolley which also converts into a practical flatbed trolley. Order your high sided trolley for boards from Safety Platforms and we can arrange for next day delivery for you.

Stairwell Safety Platform – Stairsafe

For safe working at height or for safe working within stairwells, the Safety Platforms Stairsafe is an easy to use stairwell safety platform. Using a stairwell safety platform such as the Stairsafe, prevents accidents and increases productivity on site.

The Stairsafe safety platform can be installed and assembled, ready to use by a single operative in under a minute making the Stairsafe the most popular stairwell platform in the UK.

Using the Stairsafe stairwell safety platform provides a safe working platform when working within a stairwell. The Safety Platforms Stairsafe platform is used by plasterers, decorators, electricians, carpenters and many more more trades to prevent falls when working within stairwells. The open frame and long trapdoor deck of the Stairsafe enable easy access of both operatives and materials.

The Stairsafe is constructed from durable aluminium which is both strong and lightweight, making the Stairsafe stairwell safety platform easy to handle and assemble and is adaptable and suitable for most stairwell layouts. The Stairsafe can be used on kitewinder staircases, providing a safe and stable platform within the kitewinder stairwell.

When you’re working in a stairwell, choose the most popular UK stairwell safety platform, for safety, ease and productivity. Order your Stairsafe safety platform online and you could be working safely at height tomorrow with next day delivery option.


Panel Dolly or Board Trolley?

Are you using a panel dolly to move panels and sheets on site? Do you find it awkward to balance large panels or sheets on a 2 wheeled panel dolly? Trying to move plaster boards or panels can be a problem on site when using a panel dolly when the ground surface is uneven. Safety Platforms have a sturdy alternative to using panel dollies to move panels and sheets on site with our UK made board trolley.

The Safety Platforms heavy duty board trolley is a versatile and handy alternative for moving panels and sheets on site and can easily be converted into a flat bed trolley, making our steel board trolley a practical and multi purpose board trolley. Why struggle to balance heavy boards on 2 wheels with a panel dolly when you can move panels and boards around site easily on a 4 wheeled board trolley. The Safety Platforms board trolley is  easy to manoeuvre with 2 rear fixed wheels and 2 front wheels with swiveling action for control and ease of movement.

Our extremely popular board trolley is currently on offer with a summer price reduction, if your considering ordering a new panel dolly, check out out board trolleys with 10% off while stocks last.

Move boards, sheets and panels on site with minimal effort with the Safety Platforms board trolley, now with 10% off, order online and you could be moving panels and boards with ease with your new board trolley.

Ladder Guards New and Improved

The new and improved ladder guards from Safety Platforms are available to order online now. As our ladder guards are manufactured from galvanised steel and are a practical, all weather solution for ladder security.

With a Safety Platforms steel ladder guard protecting your ladder and preventing unauthorised access, your ladders can be left in place on site safely. Removing ladders which give site operatives access to higher levels on site results in time delays and is a an unwanted nuisance for site personnel. The Safety Platforms ladder guard is a strong and secure ladder security cover which is easy and quick to fit to ladders for your ladder security. The ladder guards are designed to deter and prevent access via ladders by unauthorised operatives and unwelcome visitors.

Protect your site ladders with our new and improved ladder guards which are now manufactured from galvanised steel. The galvanised steel ladder guard has a higher resistance to weather, keeping your ladder guard strong and secure for longer, in all weathers.

External ladders can be at more risk of being targeted by unauthorised visitors or children, protect and secure your ladders with our new and improved ladder guard, now manufactured from weather resistant galvanised steel for a durable and hard wearing galvanised steel ladder guard.

Building sites and especially ladders can be seen as an adventure by children who do not perceive the risks and dangers associated with a working building site. A Safety Platforms ladder guard is quick and easy to fit to prevent children climbing on ladders and keeping the integrity of your site.

Order your galvanised steel ladder guards from Safety Platforms today and you could receive your ladder guard tomorrow! Protect your ladders with a ladder guard from Safety Platforms.


Board Trolley Sale only £179

Lifting and carrying plaster boards or materials is heavy work, especially in the summer sun and you can make light work of moving plaster boards on site with the Safety Platforms board trolley sale price only £179.00 while stocks last.

Safety Platforms manufacture board trolleys in the UK so when you order your board trolley from Safety Platforms, you can request next day delivery to site, with a Safety Platforms board trolley, you have the assurance of a high quality board trolley made in the UK and without having to wait for weeks for your board trolley to be shipped from overseas.

Our UK made board trolley sale price of £179 is available whilst our current board trolley stocks last, don’t miss out on this fantastic offer. Order your high quality, practical board trolley from Safety Platforms for easier and quicker plasterboard transfers. Manual handling is a concern on all sites and with our board trolley, you will reduce the need for manually lifting and carrying unwieldy plasterboard sheets. The Safety Platforms board trolleys have an impressive safe working load of 500kg, instead of manhandling plaster boards on site, you can load your board trolley ready to start working on site.

The Safety Platforms board trolley quickly and easily converts into a flat bed trolley with the removal of the side rail, for only £179.00 you have 2 trolleys in 1 with the Safety Platforms board trolley.

Order online and take advantage of this fantastic board trolley sale price of just £179.00 for a UK made high quality steel board trolley today, whilst stocks last.

Stairsafe Stairwell Scaffold

The Safety Platforms Stairsafe stairwell scaffold ensures safe working at height within stairwells during construction.

The Stairsafe stairwell scaffold is a simple yet highly effective system with just two main components, making it quick and easy to erect on site. The Stairwell ladder frame and platform have a flexible fit, making the Stairsafe suitable for most stairwell settings.

Keep safe when working within stairwells with the Stairsafe stairwell scaffolding which can be set up by just 1 person in under 2 minutes. The Stairwell system is a sturdy yet lightweight system which can be moved easily once the work within the stairwell has been completed and re-positioned for the next job. Ladders tied together and balancing precariously within a stairwell can result in serious injury to site tradespeople and represent an unsafe work system. The consequences of a fall from height are serious and not limited to physical injury. The financial costs of building work being suspended whilst the HSE investigate the matter can be prohibitive.

The Safety Platforms Stairsafe system provides a safe, easy to use solution to providing access when working within stairwells.

Keep safe when working at height within a stairwell with the Safety Platforms Stairsafe stairwell scaffold. Order today and you stairwell scaffold could be delivered to site tomorrow.