Board Trolley only £169

Need a board trolley? Our UK manufactured board trolley is in stock and currently available for next working day delivery, making light work of moving plasterboards around and on site.

Our practical and versatile board trolley is now available for £169.00 with easy and convenient online ordering, there’s no need to struggle manhandling plaster boards on site when you can order a board transport that will be delivered on site already assembled and ready to use on site for moving plaster boards and any other type of board with a minimum of manual handling.

A stable board trolley constructed from 30mm tubular steel with a yellow powdered coated finish. The vertical removable support bar converts this board transporter easily into a flatbed trolley. This robust, British made board transporter has a weight bearing capacity of 820kg or approximately 24 sheets of 12.5mm plasterboard. Fitted with heavy duty easy steer rubber wheels, 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel wheels for improved and easy manoeuvrability on site.

With our sturdy manoeuvrable board trolley, it’s easy and convenient to move plaster boards on site, with a generously proportioned base for easy loading and transport. The trolley dimensions are 1240mm length, 580mm width and 1220mm height. Our UK made trolley is easy to handle and transport and weighs 25kg.

This versatile trolley can be converted into a flatbed trolley simply by removing the side rail, order online for your versatile board transporter and have your board trolley delivered to site with next working day delivery.


1.6m Folding Scaffold Tower

The Safety Platforms’ 1.6m folding scaffold tower is designed and manufactured in the UK from durable, lightweight aluminium, complying with HD1004 and is our most popular folding scaffold tower with a 1.6m trapdoor platform, making our 1.6 folding tower platform the ideal choice for plasterers, enabling plasterers to work easily from floor to ceiling with the stable secure platform giving a working height of 3.6m when using the 1.6m folding tower platform.

The 1.6m folding scaffold tower is the most popular height across the industry, the 1.6m trapdoor platform is folding tower platform of choice for decorators, joiners, plasterers and internally based trades working on site, an easy to erect folding scaffold tower system for safe platform working for low level interior decorating and maintenance work.

The design of the 1.6m folding tower ensures safe and fast access for low level tasks on site, the base section can be erected in under 60 seconds by an individual and with no small parts to lose,  the scaffold tower is erected quickly, easily and most importantly, safely. The locking castors allow the tower platform to be moved from location to location as required easily, locking into position for safe, convenient working from the 1.6m high platform. The secure platform can be positioned at any rung level within the tower system for optimum working height, with easy safe access via the trapdoor platform.

The 1.6m aluminium folding tower can be easily erected and lowered, its strong yet lightweight construction makes it easy to move around the site.

A guardrail pack, height extension pack and outriggers can be added to the base pack as required and adjustable legs can be purchased for use on uneven ground externally.

The 1.6m folding tower platform is an essential piece of kit for internal trades such as plasterers, decorators, joiners; easily to use and transport on site.

Order your 1.6m aluminium folding scaffold tower online today for safe convenient working on site.



Folding Tower System for Working at Height

For working safely at height, the folding tower system is a robust folding scaffold tower which is available in 8 height options, from a working platform height of 600mm up to 6.1m, manufactured in the UK and compliant with HD1004.

The Safety Platforms 600mm folding scaffold tower is the ideal folding tower system for working on low level interior decorating and maintenance work, providing easy, safe, quick access for low level jobs, providing a 2.6m safe working height folding scaffold tower. The simplicity of the design of the folding scaffold tower means it can be erected easily and safely for a variety of tasks, a versatile tower system for low level interior maintenance and decorating with a single person operation.

The base section is easy to erect in under one minute by a single person due to the folding design of the base section and the snack clip fittings, there are no fiddly small parts to fit or lose. The platform of the folding scaffold tower can be positioned at any rung height, ensuring you are able to work at the optimal work height for the each task. The folder tower system is fitted with castors so that it can be easily moved from work location to location on site and the locking castors ensure the platform remains securely in position when in use.  The folding tower system also has a trapdoor platform for safe easy access to the working platform with a 250mm rung spacing for ease of climbing when accessing the platform.

The 600mm folding scaffold tower is made from durable aluminium, making the folding tower system, lightweight yet robust. The compact lightweight aluminium construction means the folding tower system is also easy to move on site when folded.

In addition, the 600mm folding scaffold tower base pack has the option to add a guardrail pack and for greater versatility a height extension pack is also available, outriggers provide additional extra stability when required.  Adjustable legs for the folding scaffold tower can be purchased which enable the folding tower system to be used on external uneven ground.

Order your easy to use, lightweight 600mm folding tower system today with our online order system.


STA System Provides Safe Truss Access

Our STA System provides safe truss access for on site joiners with our practical and cost effective solution, winner at the 2014 Housebuilder Products Awards.

Working at height presents serious potential health and safety issue for most house building sites.  A major safety issue is how to secure bracing timbers safely to roof trusses. Within the house building industry, fixing bracing timbers to the roof trusses is a high risk and dangerous activity with joiners potentially falling between 5 to 7 metres.

To avoid serious injuries to your team of joiners, HSE prosecutions and potential lengthy site delays, a safe and easy method of of securing truss braces is available: the STA system provides safe truss access on site. The Safety Platforms STA System is a bespoke safe access system which makes truss bracing safer, easier and faster for site personnel.

A quick and easy solution that removes the need for joiners to climb on roof trusses and provides joiners securing bracing timbers to roof trusses with a safer means of access when working at higher levels. The lateral restraint brackets to the STA System ensure the prevention of sideways movement of the ladder and additional protection is provided by the trusses on each side. Joinery operative can have both hands free to work and still have three points of contact when securing roof trusses using the STA System.

With the STA System, a joiner can secure four roof trusses (2 on each side) from each position and the STA system is quick and easy to set up, with it’s short ladder for ease of handling.

The S.T.A. System, a safe roof truss access system, is a custom designed roof truss ladder constructed from superior quality aluminium to provide a ladder of industrial strength class 1 ladder, to BS2037 standard.

Order your STA System online and make securing roof trusses to bracing timbers safer, faster and easier.


Big Foot Hop Up Platform

When you’re working at height on site, a 600mm high hop up platform makes all the difference. The Big Foot hop up platform is 600mm high as standard, making the platform of the Big Foot 100mm higher than the standard hop up.

Our Big Foot Hop Up Platform is a generously proportioned hop up platform which is safer and has greater manoeuvrability than a conventional ladder. The Big Foot wide hop up provides safe, low level access on site at a competitive price without the need for costly and time consuming scaffolding or podiums.

The Big Foot Hop Up Platform is an extremely popular large hop up platform. Whilst many companies now require a minimum platform size of 600mm x 600mm on site, the Big Foot hop up platform is a generous 600mm wide and 800mm long; the Big Foot platform provides an extra 200mm working area compared with the 600mm standard hop up platforms available. What really sets the Big Foot wide hop up apart, is that the longer Big Foot hop up platform is 600mm high, making the Big Foot hop up platform 100mm higher than the standard hop up platforms used within industry.

The Big Foot hop up platform is longer and higher than the standard hop up platforms available and with a greater working platform area and an increased platform height, the Big Foot platform increases the area that can be worked up on without having to move and relocate the hop up platform. The Big Foot wide hop up has a safe working load of 150kg, ensuring it is fully compliant with the requirement of BS EN131 and suitable for use on site.

The extra wide hop up platform is also available as a 500mm high option.

The Big Foot hop up platform is the low level access solution which gives a greater working area when working from the platform, reducing the time need to relocate and move the platform into position and you can order yours today with our quick click to buy right now.

Easy Stair Temporary Staircase

The Easy Stair temporary staircase is an extremely strong, yet lightweight temporary site staircase. The Easy Stair provides safe and easy site access between floors, a safer alternative for site personnel to walk up a secure, fixed staircase, removing the potential hazard and risk of climbing up and down ladders.
A secure, stable aluminium temporary site staircase provides site personnel with a safe alternative to climbing up and down ladders during the earlier stages of construction or prior to the installation of a permanent staircase.
Quick and easy to install on site, the Easy Stair temporary staircase provides secure, safe access for gaining access between floor levels and it suitable for use from the earliest stages of construction. Constructed from lightweight aluminium, the Easy Stair weights just 26kg, making this temporary site staircase, extremely easy to position and to install in just a few minutes.
The aluminium temporary staircase provides a robust and safe staircase for use on site as a convenient and secure means of gaining access on site and is suitable for use with floor to floor height measurements of 2.65 metres up to 3.05 metres.
This lightweight temporary staircase removes the need for need for ladders to gain access between floors which will significantly reduce the risk of falls by site personnel and when used in conjunction with temporary guardrails to floor edges, the Easy Stair creates safe and secure stairwells.
Why struggle with cumbersome ladders when in a matter of minutes, you can create safe, stable access with the Easy Stair temporary staircase. With an easy and quick one click buy, order your temporary staircase today and discover how convenient and easy it is to use.