Ladder Guards Now in 2 Widths

The popular Safety Platforms ladder guards are now even more practical in preventing unauthorised access to site ladders. The Safety Platforms ladder security cover is now available in two widths, both ladder covers are constructed from galvanised steel and 1400mm long and available in either a 250mm width or a 300mm width and each ladder guard is available with an optional padlock, keeping your ladders safe and secure immediately following delivery.

The Safety Platforms ladder cover is designed to prevent or deter unauthorised access to site ladders, ladders on construction sites are quickly and easily protected from unauthorised operatives and prevent access to ladders by children.

With the Safety Platforms ladder guards it is easy to keep site ladder access secure with the ladder security cover that fits to your ladder securely in seconds to prevent accidents on site. The design is a single piece design fit easy installation and secured with ease  with the addition of a padlock.

Constructed from galvanised steel, the Safety Platforms ladder security covers are suitable for use in situations where aluminium covers are unacceptable such as chemical plants.

The Safety Platforms ladder guards are available online from only £34.90 and with Safety Platforms online, available with a next day delivery option.

Site Stairway

The Safety Platforms Easy Stair are a secure, quick temporary site stairway for access on site. The Easy Stair is easy to installed and ready to use in minutes, from the van to the building site, the Easy is the quicker and safer option for access between floors prior to the installation of the permanent staircase.

The Easy Stair temporary site stairway is constructed from aluminium, weighing 24 kg and can easily be handled and set up by a single operative and the Easy Stair safe working load of 250kg ensures site operatives can carry their tools, equipment and building materials safely between floors. The Easy Stair temporary staircase is ideal for using with a floor to floor height between 2.65m to 3.05m and as the Easy Stair is 0.65m wide, it is suited to even the smallest openings for safer, easier site access between floors. For increased safety and ease of use, the Easy Stair has a stable and practical double hand rail and the anti-slip treads for your safety on site.
The BSEN131 fully compliant Easy Stair site stairway is available from Safety Platforms online for only £495 and with a next day delivery option for safer access between floors when you need it on site.

Stairwell Scaffold

The Safety Platforms Stairsafe is the easy to use safe stairwell scaffold which be installed quickly without wall or floor fixings, maintaining the integrity of the finished surfaces.

Falls from height when working in a stairwell under construction or stairwell void can easily be avoided with the Stairsafe system which supports safer working at height. The Stairsafe stairwell scaffold is easy to use and can be set up by a single operative in minutes for safer and easier working in stairwells.

The Stairsafe from Safety Platforms is a safer and easier to use alternative to using traditional ladders and boards when working at height in a stairwell under construction and is the stairwell scaffold platform specifically designed for plasterers, dryliners, decorators and other trades working on site within housing stairwells with the working wall face easily accessible and free from obstructions. The Stairsafe also has optional click in position guard rails for even safer working at height.

The Stairsafe is compact and lightweight, constructed from durable, long lasting, rust free aluminium with a plyboard and aluminium platform which weighs only 14kg for safe and easy handling. The Stairsafe work platforms are available in a range of lengths to suit most stairwell openings.

The Stairsafe scaffold platform height can be adjusted for perfect working height for accessing and working on ceiling within the stairwell, there’s no need to use hop-ups on stairwell platform, simply adjust the platform height to easily reach the ceiling above.

The Stairsafe stairwell scaffold has no small parts to misplace or lose and with no expensive maintenance or annual inspection requirements, the Stairsafe system is available from only £485 and available with a next day delivery option. Work safely in stairwell voids with the Stairsafe stairwell scaffold from Safety Platforms.

Temporary Site Stairs

The Safety Platforms Easy Stair are temporary site stairs providing safe,  speedy, access to upper floors and levels prior to the permanent stairs or staircase being installed. The Easy Stair temporary staircase is easy to position and even easier to use so there is no need to climb up awkward unsafe ladders or hire for expensive scaffold stairs.

Not only does the Easy Stair provide safe and convenient access to the upper floors, fitting the Easy Stair while the construction continues on site prevents any damage occurring to finished stairs which can be installed at the end of the build, avoiding the damage caused by equipment and  heavy wear and tear. The Safety Platforms Easy Stair temporary site stairs saves money, eliminates delays and reduces problems all while providing safe access to upper levels.

The Easy Stair provides operatives on site with a safer and quicker method of access, rather than using ladders for access. Constructed from strong and durable aluminium, the Easy Stair has anti slip treads and is fitted with a double guardrail, making carrying equipment and materials between floors easier and safer, saving time and money and reducing the risk of accidents. The Safety Platforms Easy Stair is delivered to site fully assembled and ready for installation. The Easy Stair only weighs 24kg so it can be lifted into position and installed by a single operative. The temporary stairs are 0.65m wide making them suitable for use even in narrow openings and suitable for use for floor to floor heights between 2.65m to 3.05m. The Easy Stair temporary staircase has a safe working load of 250kg and complies with BSEN131.

Work safer and smarter on site with the Safety Platforms Easy Stair temporary site stairs, available online with next day delivery option. Order your Easy Stair for only £495 from Safety Platforms.

Delta Deck

The Delta Deck is an innovative work platform for low level access and is currently on offer from Safety Platforms online for only £399.

The Safety Platforms Delta Deck system is ideal for one man working at low levels and it can be assembled, set up in position and dismantled quickly. Many tradesmen prefer the versatility of this adjustable work platform which gives a maximum safe working height of  3m with this work platform. Using an adjustable work platform on site reduces the amount of equipment needed on site and the fully adjustable work platform from Safety Platforms has 5 different platform heights. The Delta Deck work platform can be set at 450mm, 530mm, 600mm, 730mm or 870mm above floor level.

The Delta Deck work platform is a compact fully adjustable work platform which fits easily into a van or car, a practical safe saving solution for access on site when working at low levels.

The adjustable work platform from Safety Platforms has an impressive safe working load of 200kg and can easily accommodate two persons working side by side. In addition to having 5 platform height options, the Delta Deck also has inbuilt guardrails for user safety at all times with easy access gained to the platform from either end of the work platform for safe ingress and egress, to and from the work platform.

Order your Delta Deck platform from Safety Platforms for only £399 and with delivery from only £10, available with next day delivery option for safer working tomorrow and every day.

Stairsafe Guardrails

The Safety Platforms Stairsafe system is the most popular stairwell platform in the UK and is half the price of many other stairwell access options on the market. Safety Platforms Stairsafe system offers the additional option of Stairsafe guardrails for enhanced safety when working at height within a stairwell void.

Within larger stairwell voids, there isn’t always a wall or floor on the other side of the platform due to the size of the void. This presents the risk of a plasterer or decorator working within the stairwell void on the platform falling from the unguarded edge.

The Stairsafe guardrail simply clicks into position to the Stairsafe stairwell platform to create secure guardrail for the stairwell platform. Falls from height when working within a stairwell void often result in serious injury to tradesmen and lengthy costly delays on site. For only £95 add secure Stairsafe guardrails to your Stairsafe system and prevent the possibility of an injury occurring due to a fall from the unprotected long side of the stairwell platform.

The Stairsafe guardrails can be purchased as an additional extra to the Stairsafe system or as a stand alone purchase for only £95. The Stairsafe system is an easy to fix and use stairwell platform system and the guardrails offer additional and increased safety when working at height.

Order your Stairsafe guardrails online for only £95 with Safety Platforms for more productive and safer working on site.

Bigfoot Wide Work Platform

When size matters choose Safety Platforms Bigfoot wide work platform and gain 10cm instantly!

The Safety Platforms Bigfoot work platform is higher and longer than its rivals. The Bigfoot platform is 100mm higher than its competitors with an impressive platform height of 600mm which increases your reach easily and effortlessly, with the Bigfoot platform there is no need to over reach. The Bigfoot platform is a longer work platform than most work platforms and is 800mm long so that you can work for longer without needing to move your work platform.

The Bigfoot wide work platform is a versatile work platform that is safe to use on scaffold towers and scaffolding. The stabilising bar across the base of the work platform legs ensures the work platforms legs cannot slip between scaffold boards which can result in an unstable and unsafe working platform. The Bigfoot work platform or hop up also has a trigger lock on the hinges to ensure they remain locked in position. The Bigfoot wide work platform has a safe working load weight of 150kg making ideal for many trades.

The Bigfoot hop up has proved popular on building sites around the UK, giving tradesmen an increased reach of 100mm thanks to its 600mm high platform.

Order your Bigfoot wide work platform from Safety Platform for only £79 and available with next day delivery so you can get those extra inches overnight.

Folding Work Platform

The Safety Platforms folding work platform range has folding work platforms from 500mm high and 1300mm long to the 600mm high working platform which gives tradesmen an extra 100mm reach when working from the Safety Platforms folding work platforms and are available online from £44.00.

The Safety Platforms folding work platforms are all 300mm wide, with a choice of different height options and widths and each option has a stabiliser bar across the platform feet for increased stability and security which even makes these work platforms suitable for use on scaffold boards as there no ‘legs’ to drop in between the scaffold boards, destabilising the platform.

The work platform legs lock into position to provide a sturdy and robust working platform and when not in use, the platform legs simply fold under for easy transportation and storage. For increased user safety, the folding platform’s locking hinges also have a safety trigger.

The work platforms are easy to transport and only weigh between 6-8kg, making them easy to move and position on sites and each folding platform has a safe working load of 150kg capacity which complies with BS EN131.

A folding work platform is ideal for any trade for safely working at height, allowing tradesmen to extend their reach easily by 600mm without using a ladder.

For safe and easy access, order your folding work platform online from Safety Platforms, order with next day delivery and you’ll be reaching further without needing to carry a cumbersome ladder on site tomorrow.

Best LED Work Light

The Defender Uplight is considered by many tradesmen to be the best LED work light.

Grey mornings and lack of natural daylight doesn’t stop work on construction sites when you order the Defender Uplight from Safety Platforms.

The Defender Uplight is an extremely popular LED site light, especially with plasterers working in the construction industry. The Defender Uplight is the LED work light for many construction industry works because off its clear and bright shadow free illumination and the practical wobble base. The Defender Uplight can right itself if it is bumped or knocked over without damaging the LED site light, a practical site light when work space is limited and good, bright light is needed.

Order the best LED work light from Safety Platforms, the Defender Uplift, at the special offer online price of only £74.50, order today for the amazing offer price and order the best LED work light from Safety Platforms while stocks last.


Stairwell Scaffold

The Safety Platforms Stairsafe is a cost effective and easy to use stairwell scaffold, for safe, easy access for tradesmen working in a stairwell or stairwell under construction. The Safety Platforms Stairsafe system is extremely popular with many trades when working within stairwells and particularly is a popular stairwell platform for plasterers and drywall liners.

With the Safety Platforms Stairsafe stairwell scaffold, you can work safely within a stairwell and avoid the possibility of a HSE prosecution and fine which are imposed when unsafe ladders and boards are used within stairwells. When accidents occur on construction sites, building work is often delayed and delays on site can also be costly and may incur further significant financial penalties.

Tradesmen using the Safety Platforms stairwell platform can erect and position the Stairsafe system in under 2 minutes and only needs a single operative to erect the Stairsafe, ready for use and safer working access within the stairwell. Constructed from aluminium, the Stairsafe stairwell scaffold is light weight without compromising strength and durability and the practical plywood platform weighs only 14kg making it easy to carry and position in place.

For safer stairwell working, order your Stairsafe stairwell scaffold available online from Safety Platforms from only £495 and available with next day delivery. For easier, safer stairwell access use the Stairsafe system.