Multi Trolley Offer Only £179 from Safety Platforms

The Safety Platforms plasterboard trolley is an extremely popular multi trolley and is currently available online for the special offer price of only £179.

The Safety Platforms plasterboard trolley provides excellent vale for money and this multi trolley is designed and manufactured in the UK. Safety Platforms only stock UK manufactured board trolleys, manufactured on site, ready for next day delivery. When you order a board trolley from Safety Platforms, you’re assured of a quality UK plasterboard trolley available with next day delivery option.

The UK made multi trolley is easy to put together, the handle can be removed easily during transportation between sites and removing the plasterboard trolley transforms the plasterboard trolley into a functional flatbed trolley. The Safety Platforms board trolley is practical and functional multi trolley, combining a board trolley and a flatbed trolley in one convenient and easy to use plasterboard trolley.

The trolley wheels are constructed from rubber, they’re strong and easy to manoeuvre, capable of moving heavy loads on site. For increased manoeuvrability , two wheels are fixed in position and two wheels swivel for greater ease of movement and require one person to move a heavy load on site. The Safety Platforms board trolley has a safe working load of 820kg.

Order your practical multi trolley from Safety Platforms with next day delivery online from only £179.

Bigfoot 600mm Work Platform

With an impressive 600mm wide work platform, the Safety Platforms Bigfoot 600mm work platform is the work platform of choice for site managers.

The Safety Platforms Bigfoot work platform  has a 600mm wide work platform which 100mm wider than its competitors and 600mm high. The Bigfoot 600mm work platform is wider and taller than other work platforms. With the Bigfoot work platform plasterers and painters can cover a greater area without needing to stop and move their work platform and with a 600mm platform height, the Bigfoot work platform increases the height plasterers and painters can easily reach by 100mm.

Using a wide 600mm work platform is recommended and is a stipulation on some sites for safer working on site for site tradesmen and also improves productivity as the wider work platform does not need to be moved as often, increasing the area to be worked on. The Bigfoot is BS EN131 compliant with a safe working load of 150kg and the Bigfoot 600mm work platform folds down for easy storage and transportation on and around site.

The 600mm Bigfoot work platform is currently available from Safety Platform for the special offer price of only £79.99. Order a Bigfoot 600mm work platform online from Safety Platforms, request next day delivery and tomorrow you’ll be reaching further with your 600mm work platform.

Portable Work Light £89.99

The popular Defender uplight is the portable work light used and trusted on sites throughout the UK by plasterers, joiners, electricians and many more trades working on UK building sites and this practical work light is available from Safety Platforms for only £89.99. With the special offer price of £89.99 for the Defender uplight, portable work light, you’re saving £50.00 when you buy your LED work light from Safety Platforms.

Poor daylight doesn’t stop our customers working, tradesmen like plasterers and joiners have ordered the Defender uplight for portable lighting on site for only £89.99 with a next day delivery option for clear bright work lighting.

The Defender uplight available for only £89.99 from Safety Platforms is a bright portable LED work light which is used by plasterers and similar trades as it provides almost shadow-free light. Clear bright light on site enables plasterers to achieve a good professional finish, whatever the weather and lighting conditions.

The Defender portable work light is a versatile high output light which is supplied by Safety Platforms with a robust rounded base unit for easy placement and convenient working on site. The Defender light can be used with the secure base unit or the Defender light can also be used without the base support and positioned as desired for clear site lighting.

Order your Defender portable work light from Safety Platforms and save £50.00 from the recommended price, order your practical site light for only £89.99 and tomorrow you could using your Defender site light,making work easier.

Temporary Site Stairs Next Day Delivery

The Easy Stair from Safety Platforms is a popular aluminium temporary site staircase used throughout UK building sites, giving safe access between levels under constructions with the Safety Platforms Easy Stair temporary site stairs available with next day delivery to site from Safety Platforms.

The lightweight aluminium temporary site stairs can be set up and erected quickly to ensure safe secure access between floors until the permanent staircase is installed.

The new improved Easy Stair temporary site stairs are now even lighter and still as strong as ever. At only 24kg, this aluminium temporary staircase can easily be carried on site and set up in position by a single individual making it an ideal choice for sole tradesmen or where space may be restricted. This lightweight aluminium temporary staircase can be reused and re-positioned on site easily by a single operative as needed.

Improve safety on site with the aluminium temporary site stairs for safe and convenient access between floors . Falls from height are a common cause of injury on site which can easily be prevented by using the Easy Stair to between floor access, removing the need for unsafe ladders secured by ropes which can move and result in a fall from height.

Order your safe site access temporary site stairs from Safety Platforms and improve site productivity  and safety today.




LED Site Lamp Powerful Illimination

The nights have already started drawing in, the clocks go back at the end of the month and plasterers and many other trades are ordering the Defender uplight, the LED site lamp available from Safety Platforms. The Defender uplight is a powerful LED site lamp, used on buildings sites and building projects where clear shadow free illumination and lighting is needed.

During the autumn and winter months the daylight hours are dramatically reduced, order your LED site lamp from Safety Platforms and keep working when the natural light levels drop or work with clear bright LED illumination during the dark winter days.

The shorter hours of daylight won’t stop work on site when tradesmen use the powerful LED site lamp from Safety Platforms.

For only £94.99 order your Defender uplight from Safety Platform and keep working with clear bright LED light on site. The special offer price from Safety Platforms of only £94.99 for the practical, bright LED site lamp also includes a safestep, a useful step when working on site while stocks last. Poor light quality doesn’t need to stop your work or project, order your Defender uplight from Safety Platforms online and with next day delivery, your work area will be well lit with bright LED illumination.


LED Site Lights Special Offer £94.99

Safety Platforms Autumn special offer of only £94.99 for bright LED site lights including the practical and useful safestep.

Next month the clocks go back and the afternoons will be much darker, with powerful LED site lights from Safety Platforms, there’s no need to stop work when the daylight hours reduce. With the bright and clear site illumination from Safety Platforms, work on site can continue.

A lack of good, bright light can cause problems on site and can be a problem for trades much as plasterers and electricians who need a good, bright source of light to work well. Poor lighting levels can stop work on site or can result in a poor standard of finish.

With LED site lights, work can continue when there is no or reduced natural light. The Safety Platforms LED site light gives tradesmen working on site an almost shadow free lighting source which can be both freestanding using its secure rounded base or positioned on site to provide bright site lighting in situ.

Order your LED site light from Safety Platforms with next day delivery option and poor light won’t stop work on site anymore. With a good LED lighting on site, work quality is improved and time needed to remedy defects is reduced.

Our special offer is limited while stocks last with the special discounted price of £94.99 for a powerful LED site light and free safe step, with this special Safety Platforms offer, you’re saving an impressive £64.99.

Don’t miss out and be in the dark, order your LED site lights online from Safety Platforms for only £94.99 while stocks last.

Builders Lights Only £89.99

High quality LED builders lights are currently on offer for only £89.99 available from Safety Platforms. Don’t miss out on our fantastic online offer, available for a limited time while stocks last.

Already the days are getting darker and shorter, so why struggle to work in dark poor light when the Defender Uplight can provide clear bright light for on site working. Limited or poor light is a problem for many trades when working on site and can often stop work or reduce the amount of work done. With our Defender site lights, lack of natural daylight won’t stop you working on site. The £89.99 LED site light gives good clear light so that you can work productively for longer during the autumn and winter months or in dark unlit work spaces.

With Safety Platforms quality builders lights, there is no need for poor light quality to stop you working, the Defender site lights are used industry wide to provide bright, shadow-free lighting on site.

With a recommended list price of £139.99, buy your LED builders lights from Safety Platforms for the special offer price of £89.99 from Safety Platforms and save £50! When ordered online, LED site lights can be dispatched with next day delivery.


Plasterers Drywall Trolley

Next day delivery from Safety Platforms for online orders practical plasterers drywall trolley.

The Safety Platforms plasterers drywall trolley makes moving and transferring plasterboards on site easy and quick, let this robust UK made board trolley take the strain. The plasterers drywall trolley from Safety Platforms has a safe working load of 820 kg, letting plasterers get on with the job instead of having to waste time lifting and carrying plasterboards around site.

Manufactured in the UK, the Safety Platforms plasterboard trolley is easy to transport, the side bar is removable for ease of transport and takes up minimal space in a van. This truly versatile plasterers drywall trolley can also be converted into a flatbed trolley. The Safety Platforms plasterers drywall trolley is currently on offer for only £179 and can be delivered within the UK for only £8. For only £179 a versatile plaster board trolley which also converts into a flatbed trolley, capable of carrying a load of up to 820 kg.

When plasterers order board trolleys from Safety Platforms, they can order with confidence that their board trolley was manufactured in the UK using strong, high quality steel. Orders for board trolleys are dispatched immediately from Safety Platforms, there’s no need to wait for a shipment from overseas, Safety Platforms manufacture their board trolleys in the UK, ready for dispatch now for only £179.

Order your plasterers drywall trolley now for the limited offer price of £179, only from Safety Platforms online.

Plasterers Light with Next Day Delivery

Available with next day delivery are the Defender Uplights, the ideal plasterers light, available online now from Safety Platforms.

The change in seasons brings a change and reduction in daylight and many plasterers are now using a plasterers light to give almost shadow free illumination and lighting with the Defender Uplight. Using a plasterers light to give clear lighting and illumination enables plasterers to see their work more clearly. Some other site lights can cast a shadow on the wall or surface being worked on which can present a problem for plasterers who need clear bright lighting to ensure their plaster finish is smooth, the light of choice for plasterers is the Defender Uplight.

The defender Uplight plasterers light provides bright, clear light to illuminate dark work spaces. A lack of good natural light is not a problem for plasterers using the Defender Uplight, plasterers using the Defender Uplight are able to work in areas with no or low levels of natural light. During the autumn and winter months, the levels of natural light are reduced and this can restrict and reduce the amount of work time on site available, with the plasterers light from Safety Platforms, plasterers can work with clear LED lighting wherever and whenever they want to.

The Defender Uplight is an ideal plasterers light, with a powerful LED illumination which can be used as a freestanding site light with its sturdy base or positioned for stand alone use.

For limited time only, Safety Platforms are including a FREE safestep with every plasterers light ordered online from Safety Platforms. The safestep is a practical and useful step up and is included FREE with your Defender Uplight online order.


No Nocs Scaffold Bumpers

In stock and ready for immediate dispatch to site, the No Nocs scaffold bumpers, available online from Safety Platforms.

The No Nocs scaffolding bumpers are a new and innovative impact protection system for use on work sites that prevent scuffing damage to finished surfaces.

These easy to fit scaffold bumpers  offer a cost effective impact protection system that is effective in reducing the damage caused to finished surfaces due to impact damage or scuffing damage. The scaffold bumpers have been designed to reduce and prevent damage and can easily be fitted to scaffold systems, work platforms and access towers.

Using the No Nocs surface protectors ensures finished surfaces remain free from scuffs and scrapes with no need to undertake touch ups or repair works to damaged surfaces. Scaffold bumpers save time and labour costs by preventing unnecessary damage on site.

The No Nocs scaffold bumpers are easy to fit, manufactured from closed cell EVA, they comply with industry safety standards. The scaffold bumpers have a 200mm outer diameter and are fitted by simply pushing into position the the scaffold pole or podium. Hard wearing and practical, the No Nocs surface protectors are easy to remove and re-use.

The No Noc scaffold bumpers offer a cost effective, easy to use solution for preventing damage on site, accidents can happen but with the foam surface protectors, finished surfaces are protected from damage. Order your No Nocs scaffold bumpers online from Safety Platforms with the option of next day delivery.