next day delivery plasterboard trolley

Next Day Delivery Plasterboard Trolley

Next day delivery plasterboard trolley available from Safety Platforms. The Safety Platforms plasterers trolley is available for only £179 and with our next working day delivery option. Order our UK designed and manufactured board trolley which is in stock and ready for despatch from our UK warehouse. Order with confidence from Safety Platforms for quality UK board trolley.

The heavy duty plasterers trolley has an impressive 820kg carrying capacity. Carry up to 24 sheets of 12.5mm board safely and easily with a UK made board trolley. Constructed from hard wearing robust 30mm tubular steel, designed to contend with uneven and rough surfaces on site. The robust solid rubber wheels are ideal for site use. Manual handling bulky, heavy plaster boards can easily be avoided.

The HSE highlights the risk of injury from manual handling of plaster board sheets on site in their campaign to raise awareness of back injuries. The HSE recommend using a plaster board trolley in their “Better backs in construction” campaign. To avoid injuries on site from lifting heavy plaster boards, trips or falls carrying boards, use  the Safety Platforms board trolley for safer plaster board transport on site. Using a board trolley saves money, reducing damage to plaster boards for easier and quicker movement of plaster boards on site. A plasterers trolley can move 24 sheets of plaster board in a single trip. To save money and time on site, order your plasterers trolley from Safety Platforms.

The Safety Platforms UK board trolley is a practical trolley that easily converts into a flat bed trolley. Removing the sturdy side rail converts the the board trolley into a convenient flat bed trolley. The removal of the side rail makes storage and transport of the plasterers trolley easier. The heavy duty plasterboard trolley only weighs 25kg and can be stowed in a van quickly.

For safer movement of plaster boards on site, order your next day delivery plasterboard trolley from Safety Platforms. Quality UK made plasterers trolleys available from the UK with next working day delivery to site.