Folding tower 1.6m high

    Folding tower 1.6m high


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    The Safety Platforms 1.6m high folding scaffold tower is an ideal folding scaffold tower system for low level interior decorating and maintenance work. Often used as an alternative to the Boss Room Mate but at a significantly lower price.
    Download the 1.6m high scaffold tower assembly instructions HERE


    Product Description

    Folding tower 1.6m high

    The 1.6m folding tower provides safe fast access for many low level tasks. Its versatile simple design means it is very easy and safe to erect yet provides safe access for many varied tasks.

    The folding tower design means the base section can be erected in less than a minute and has no small parts to lose.The platform can be positioned at any rung level to provide the perfect working height. The locking castors allow the platform to be easily moved from room to room or work position.

    The folding tower is built from durable aluminium it is lightweight and compact when folded, allowing it to be easily moved around sites.The folding tower is complete with locking castors and trapdoor platform.

    The base pack can be added to with a guardrail pack, height extension packs and outriggers when required. Adjustable legs can also be purchased to allow the folding tower to be used on uneven external ground.

    • Complies with HD1004 and is manufactured in the UK.
    • 1.6m high folding tower
    • 3.6m working height

    Download the 1.6m high scaffold tower assembly instructions HERE

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