safe truss access system

Roof Truss Access Ladder – STA Ladder

The Safety Platforms STA System is the safer roof truss access ladder, available from Safety Platforms from only  £262.00.

The Safety Platforms STA System is now used throughout the UK house building industry for safer roof truss bracing on building sites. Working at height presents a significant risk to site operatives and trades. Fixing roof trusses in position has been made safer, quicker and easier with Safety Platforms STA System. The STA system is easy to use, making roof truss bracing safer.

Traditional ladders used to fix roof trusses do not provide stability and security when working at height securing roof trusses. Working at heights of 5m to 7m when fixing roof truss timbers is a high risk task for joiners. Climbing on the timber frames to fix the roof trusses can result in serious injury to site operatives. Making roof truss fixing quicker and safer to prevent stoppages on construction sites, reducing delays, costs and injuries.

The STA System is a bespoke roof truss access ladder and unlike a traditional ladder, enables four roof trusses to be  safely fixed into position from a single ladder position. The trusses on each side of the truss ladder also provide additional protection. Unsafe sideways movement of the truss ladder is prevented due to the lateral restraint brackets. Operatives fixing roof truss timbers with both hands, when the STA system still have 3 points of contact.

Order the STA System from Safety Platforms, a roof truss access ladder which is manufactured in the UK from only £262. Manufactured to BS2037 standards, the STA truss ladder is an industrial strength class 1 ladder. The easy to use truss ladder easily extends to the correct working height, adapting to each individual truss height. The STA system truss ladder can also be safely used where there is no decking or scaffold below the roof truss.

For safer working at height, faster and safer roof truss bracing, order your STA System roof truss access ladder from Safety Platforms today. Next day delivery options available.