HSE steel ladder guard

HSE Steel Ladder Guard Available Now

For safety equipment you can trust, order your HSE steel ladder guard from Safety Platforms. Available from only £35.00 for ladder guards that fully comply with HSE requirements.

The HSE alert confirms that ladder guards must leave no more than 50mm of a ladder rung exposed when positioned. Safety Platforms ladder guards are available in 2 widths, a 250mm wide ladder guard and a 300mm wide ladder guard. Both ladder guards are 1400mm long, comfortably covering 6 ladder rungs as required by the HSE.

The latest HSE safety alert highlighted the issue of site security. Children do not perceive the inherent dangers  of scaffolds and construction sites. Children can find building sites and scaffolding a tempting but unsafe potential play area.

The HSE alert raises a important reminder that contractors must prevent unauthorised access onto scaffolding during working hours and when the site is closed. An issue which is often overlooked is that unauthorised access to scaffolds must also be prevented when the scaffold or work area is out of the sight of the site workers.

Safety Platforms HSE steel ladder guard provides secure and cost effective ladder security on construction sites. The ladder guards can be fitted to a ladder in a matter of seconds, quickly and easily securing the ladder and preventing unauthorised access. The ladder guard is secured in position with a padlock ensuring the ladder is secure and protected quickly. When access to the ladder or scaffold is required, authorised users can remove the locked ladder guard for convenient and easy access.

Keep your ladders secure and safe with HSE compliant locking ladder guards from Safety Platforms. Constructed from a single piece of high quality steel, the Safety Platforms locking ladder guards are also suitable for use in challenging environments such as chemical plants where the use of aluminium is unacceptable.

Order your HSE Steel ladder guard from Safety Platforms, supplied with or without padlocks from £35.00. Order today for next working day delivery from Safety Platforms.