600x 600 x600 work platform

Large Folding Work Platform

When you need an extra 4″, the Big Foot from Safety Platforms is a large folding work platform that’s 100mm higher than its competitors. Having an extra 4″, gives you an increased and greater reach when using the Big Foot platform, why settle for a 500mm high work platform when the Big Foot large folding work platform from Safety Platforms is an impressive 600mm high and with a safe working load of 150kg.

The Big Foot work platform is 4″ higher than similar work platforms on the market and also has a larger work surface for increased productivity on site. The Big Foot work platform is 600mm wide and 800mm long, most other work platforms are significantly smaller only being 600mm x 600mm.

The Big Foot can also be safely used on scaffolds, the Big Foot large folding work platform has a stabiliser bar across the feet on either side of the work platform for increased stability and safety.  With the Big Foot work platform, the foot spreader is solid and reliable, most work platforms have 4 individual legs with the risk that the legs might get stuck between the scaffold boards. With the Big Foot work platform, the foot spreader is stable to provide a tradesmen with a safe practical work platform when working on scaffolds.

Big Foot work platform has proved to be very popular with external renderers and external cladding insulators, using the Big Foot increases their working reach from the 600mm high work platform and because it is 800mm long, 200mm longer than other work platforms, less time is need to move and position the Big Foot.

Order your Big Foot platform from Safety Platforms for only £79, order with next day delivery from Safety Platforms for an extra 4″ reach compared to other working platforms and delivered to site.