Temporary Site Stairs

The Safety Platforms Easy Stair are extremely popular temporary site stairs used on construction sites throughout the UK and available online from Safety Platforms with a next day delivery option.

The Easy Stair temporary site stairs are an easy to install temporary staircase for safe and easy access before the permanent staircase installation. Hard wearing and durable, the Easy Stair is suitable for both short and longer periods and once the permanent staircase has been installed, the Easy Stair can be relocated and fitted once again where access is required between floors.

The Easy Stair temporary site staircase is constructed from lightweight aluminium and weighs only 24kg for safer manual handling and fully complies with BSEN131. The Easy Stair has an impressive safe working load of 250kg for the temporary stairs. The Easy Stair temporary stair has a secure, practical double hand rail and has anti-slip tread for safe access between floors. The Easy Stair is suitable for use for floor to floor between 2.65m and 3.05m.

Using the Easy Stair temporary site stairs is a safe and easy to use alternative to using ladders for access between floors in buildings under construction. Falls from height and falls from ladders on building sites can result in serious injuries to site workers, with delays on site and possible hefty fines or prosecutions by the HSE.

With the Easy Stair temporary staircase, reduce the risk of serious injury resulting from a fall from height, installed quickly due to the simple securing method. Work safely on site with safer access between floors, order your Easy Stair temporary site stairs from Safety Platforms, available with next day delivery online for only £495.


Plasterers Work Light Offer

Are the dark mornings stopping you starting work on site? Help is at hand from Safety Platforms with their phenomenal plasterers work light offer, the plasterers light is available now for only £74.50.

Don’t miss out on this unbeatable work light special offer from Safety Platforms, save 50% while limited stocks last.

The Defender uplight is now only £74.50 from Safety Platforms online for bright LED light on construction sites. The Defender light is a popular light choice for plasterers with it’s innovative wobbly base, ideal when you’re working in a confined space, knock into the LED work light and it wobbles and rights itself.

Order online for the Safety Platforms plasterers work light special offer and order your LED work light for only £74.50.


Large Folding Work Platform

When you need an extra 4″, the Big Foot from Safety Platforms is a large folding work platform that’s 100mm higher than its competitors. Having an extra 4″, gives you an increased and greater reach when using the Big Foot platform, why settle for a 500mm high work platform when the Big Foot large folding work platform from Safety Platforms is an impressive 600mm high and with a safe working load of 150kg.

The Big Foot work platform is 4″ higher than similar work platforms on the market and also has a larger work surface for increased productivity on site. The Big Foot work platform is 600mm wide and 800mm long, most other work platforms are significantly smaller only being 600mm x 600mm.

The Big Foot can also be safely used on scaffolds, the Big Foot large folding work platform has a stabiliser bar across the feet on either side of the work platform for increased stability and safety.  With the Big Foot work platform, the foot spreader is solid and reliable, most work platforms have 4 individual legs with the risk that the legs might get stuck between the scaffold boards. With the Big Foot work platform, the foot spreader is stable to provide a tradesmen with a safe practical work platform when working on scaffolds.

Big Foot work platform has proved to be very popular with external renderers and external cladding insulators, using the Big Foot increases their working reach from the 600mm high work platform and because it is 800mm long, 200mm longer than other work platforms, less time is need to move and position the Big Foot.

Order your Big Foot platform from Safety Platforms for only £79, order with next day delivery from Safety Platforms for an extra 4″ reach compared to other working platforms and delivered to site.


Defender Work Lights Special Offer

The Safety Platforms Defender work lights special offer is too good to miss at only £74.50, available online for the amazing offer price of £74.50 for popular wobble base work light from Defender.

Working on construction sites during the winter months is difficult due to the reduced hours of daylight and on some dark, dismal wintery days, the sun doesn’t break through the gloom, making it difficult to achieve a professional finish or to even work on site. The Defender LED site light includes the wobble base, ideal for working in confined spaces without having to worry about knocking the work light over or breaking the Defender LED light of this versatile site light with wobble base

Keep working through the dark winter days with the bright LED Defender work lights, available online for only £74.50 and available with next day on site delivery.

The too good to miss offer from Safety Platforms is banishing the dark dismal days of winter that stopped you working, with clear bright LED illumination, the Defender wobble base light, is the Led site light preferred by many tradesmen working on construction sites.

Light up January with the Safety Platforms Defender work lights special offer, order today with next day delivery for easier working on building site.

Temporary Edge Protection System

The Safety Platforms temporary edge protection system is quick and easy to position in place for low cost edge protection on construction sites. Secure and effective edge protection is available from Safety Platforms online  from only £18.90 per post.

Timber temporary edge protection can be fixed in position quickly, providing safe and secure edge protection for floor edges and stairwell openings. Unguarded and unsecured openings and voids in buildings under construction present a serious risk of injury on construction sites. The timber edge protection system is a versatile and adaptable edge protection with strong metal posts that can be positioned in a practical “L” shaped for stairwells and a traditional straight line position to protect floor edges.

For safer working on site, the Safety Platforms timber edge protection system is quick and easy to install with a double guardrail for extra safety and security for floor voids and stairwells. The temporary edge protection system can be installed quickly and without a joiner. The timber edge protection system provides cost effective and easy to install fall prevention on building sites which complies with the 2005 Working at Height Regulations.

To work safely on construction sites, order the Safety Platforms timber protection system online for only £18.90 per post, Safety Platforms have delivery your edge protection system to site with next day delivery, order today for delivery tomorrow on site.

Stairwell Platform – Stairsafe

Gaining safe access to a stairwell under construction or working safely within a stairwell is challenge for many tradesmen, the Safety Platforms Stairsafe stairwell platform is safer, practical solution for tradesmen working within stairwell voids. Lightweight, Stairsafe plywood platform is available in a range of lengths online. The plywood platform of the Stairsafe lifts to provide access to the upper levels via a long trapdoor deck within the sturdy frame.

The Safety Platforms Stairsafe stairwell scaffold platform can be set up and ready for use in under 2 minutes and with only has 2 major components – the ladder and the platform deck, it is quick and easy to erect and position for safer stairwell access.

Many tradesmen work solo on building sites and therefore, need an easy to use and safe stairwell platform that cab quickly be set up by a single operative. The Stairsafe platform is used on construction sites because it’s design means it can be accommodated within most stairwell voids, providing safer access for tradesmen working within stairwells under construction.

Use the Stairsafe stairwell platform and there is no need to struggle with ladders and boards to create an unsafe when working in a stairwell. The Stairsafe is available online from Safety Platforms from only £465.00 and is available with a next day delivery option.

Work safer with Safety Platforms and order your Stairsafe system today, practical and adaptable with a range of platform decks available to suit most stairwells and jobs on site. The Stairsafe enables tradesmen to work safely within stairwells, avoiding the needs to try and set up unsafe ladders to gain access within the stairwell.

Order your Stairsafe stairwell platform today for easier and safer working on site.


Ladder Hatch Access Trapdoor

The Safety Platforms ladder hatch access trapdoor provides easy safe ladder access on site and available online for only £89 from Safety Platforms with next day delivery.

The Safety Platforms ladder hatch access trapdoor is used on construction sites to enable tradesmen and building site operatives safe and easy access between floor prior to the installation of the permanent staircase.

The temporary access ladder hatch from Safety Platforms is manufactured from aluminium which is both lightweight and strong with an anti-slip surface. The ladder hatch from Safety Platforms is easy to install, easily fitting between joists for quick easy ladder access between floors.

The pre-fabricated ladder access hatch from Safety Platforms reduces the element of human error when access between floor levels is required. The ladder hatch can be moved from building plot to building plot once the stairs have been completed, ready for the next building under construction.

For improved productivity on site, the ladder hatch access trapdoor from Safety Platforms is the ideal choice on constructions sites for quick, cost effective temporary access hatch, providing safe easy access between floors for site operatives.

Order your ladder hatch access trapdoor for only £89 online from Safety Platforms for easier safer working on site.

Easy Deck Stairwell Cover

Using the Safety Platforms Easy Deck stairwell cover is an easy way to secure stairwell voids on construction sites to maintain safe, easy access to the upper floor levels.  The Safety Platforms stairwell void cover is quick and easy to fit.

Using the Safety Platforms Easy Deck void cover saves money as the safety stairwell cover that can be fitted to a stairwell void under construction in a matter of minutes and can be used and refitted again and again. The Easy Deck stairwell cover can be fitted easily to a stairwell opening, saving on joinery time and is fitted without the having to sacrifice additional joists and boards. The stairwell cover boards can be moved to allow the safe passing up of building materials and equipment.

With a save working load of 200kg, the Easydeck gives convenient, safe access. The stairwell cover from Safety Platforms is 625mm wide and 3000mm long, fitting stairwell voids under construction.

The money saving stairwell void cover from Safety Platforms, making working on site easier and safer, order your Easy Deck stairwell cover online for only £460 from Safety Platforms.

Telescopic Ladder from Zarges

Order your telescopic ladder online from Safety Platforms for only £149.00.

Telescopic ladders are a practical alternative for many tradesmen to transporting traditional ladders on and around construction sites. Traditional ladders are unwieldly, heavy to carry and can require a larger work vehicle to transport to building sites. The Telemaster telescopic ladders are a space saving alternative to transporting traditional heavy ladders to building sites.

The Telemaster telescopic ladders extend to 3.8 metres, providing tradesmen working on site with an extending ladder with a generous reach for use on site that is easy to transport, taking up only minimal space in a van or car. The Telemaster is a compact extending ladder, extending from 0.84m to 3.8m in seconds and weighing under 14kg. This compact extending ladder from Safety Platforms is EN 131 certified and fits easily into any vehicle.

The Zarges compact ladder is the practical choice for many tradesmen, light and easy to transport and position on site and strong with a 150kg weight rating. This compact ladder can be extended rung by rung, making this a versatile ladder for most tradesmen working within the construction industry.

Using a telescopic compact ladder in preference to heavy traditional ladders and free space in your works van for materials and lessening the load your works van carries, reduces the fuel consumption of your vehicle, saving you money.

Work smarter with the Zarges Telemaster telescopic ladder, taking up less space, weighing only 13.78kg and with a practical full extension of 3.8m. Order your compact ladder from Safety Platforms for only £149.

Temporary Site Stairs – Easy Stair

The Safety Platforms Easy Stair is an easy to install and practical solution on site, temporary site stairs for easy access on site between levels.

Temporary site stairs allow access between levels while work on site is ongoing. The Safety Platforms Easy Stair is available for only £495 and with a next day delivery option online.

The Easy Stair from Safety Platforms is a safe, secure temporary staircase constructed from strong aluminium which weighs only 24kg for convenient and easy handling and can easily be fixed in position in minutes. Using the Easy Stair to gain access to upper levels under construction is safer than using traditional ladders, tied in position. The Easy Stair temporary site stairs provide site operatives a safe means of access without needing to use unwieldy ladders that are awkward to tie in position.

The Easy Stair can be used for either a short duration or for longer term period, lightweight and easy to install, the standard Easy Stair is suitable use with floor to floor heights between 2.65m and 3.05m and its width of .65m means it can be used for even the smallest access points. The Easy Stair has a double handrail, making access much easier and safer between floors with the practical alternative to ladders. Why struggle moving materials and equipment between levels, the Easy Stair has a comfortable wide tread and handrail for easier and safer work on site.

For safer access on site between levels, order your Easy Stair, the aluminium temporary site stairs, from Safety Platforms online for only £495.