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Plasterers Trolley UK Stock

The Safety Platforms popular plasterers trolley is currently in stock and available for the sale price of £179.00. Order from Safety Platforms for next working day delivery from UK stock of plasterboard trolleys. The Safety Platforms board trolleys are manufactured in the UK, order with confidence of a UK quality board trolley with speedy UK delivery. Order with confidence from Safety Platforms of a UK manufacturer and supplier.

The UK made heavy duty plasterers trolley is constructed from strong steel angle section. The heavy duty board trolley has a safe working load of 820kg for easier and safer movement of plasterboards on site. Using a board trolley to move and transport plaster boards reduces the need to manually handle the plaster boards which saves times and reduces the risk of injury from manual handling plaster boards.

The board trolley side rail can be removed to convert the trolley into a flatbed trolley and also for easier storage and transport. When loaded with plaster boards, the inset side rail provides increased stability for the board trolley. Plasterboards are easier to load and unload from the board trolley, the side rail supports the boards to minimise bending when lifting. The trolley’s heavy duty solid rubber wheels are robust and sturdy able to handle construction site surfaces safely. The solid rubber wheels of the board trolley will not puncture for easier plasterboard movement. The UK board trolley wheels are bolted onto the strong steel trolley frame. With two fixed wheels and two swivel wheels, the heavy duty plaster board trolley is easy to manoeuvre when fully loaded with plaster boards.

Reduce manual handling of plaster boards with the heavy duty plasterers board trolley. Using a board trolley to transport plaster boards on construction sites saves time as a greater number of boards can be moved with a single load on the board trolley.

Order your UK made plasterers trolley from Safety Platforms for the special price of £ 179 and available with next working day delivery. Order your UK board trolley today for more productive working tomorrow.