secure ladder guards

Secure Ladder Guards £35.00

Safety Platforms supply secure ladder guards from £35.00. The steel ladder guards are also available with immediate delivery.

Trespassers and unauthorised persons entering a site should be protected from the risk of injury. Unsecured ladders present a risk on site and can be used to gain access to scaffolding or unsafe areas. A fall from height could result in a serious injury. In the UK , the law states trespassers and unauthorised persons should be protected from being exposed to injury caused by accessing dangerous scaffolds.

Safety Platforms have a cost effective solution to protect scaffold access on site with their climb prevention steel ladder guards. The steel climb prevention guards are constructed from a single piece of strong high quality steel  that hooks securely into position on the ladder rung. The robust chain and padlock secure the ladder guard in position, preventing access to the ladder or scaffold. The Safety Platforms ladder safety guard can be used on all types of ladders to prevent climbing. The ladder safety guard can also be used to prevent access on site or to secure damaged or unsafe ladders.

All the Safety Platforms ladder guards are manufactured from galvanised steel. Steel ladder guards are suitable for a wider range of uses and can be used in chemical plants. Safety Platforms have a range of ladder guards in a range of widths and length for robust ladder security on site.

For secure ladder security you can rely on, order secure ladder guards from Safety Platforms. In stock and ready for immediate despatch. Secure your ladders on and prevent accidents with Safety Platforms.