temporary site staircase

Temporary Site Staircase Easy Stair

The Safety Platforms Easy Stair is a practical temporary site staircase on sale now for only £495.00. For easier and safer access between floors on site, order the Easy Stair.

According to the HSE, working at height remains one of the main causes of major injuries and fatalities on construction site. The risk of falls from height when accessing upper floors can be reduced. The Easy Stair provides convenient and safe access between floors, a safer alternative to site ladders. Ladders have traditionally been used on site to access upper floors before the installation or completion of the finished staircase. Using the Easy Stair removes the need for ladders to be used for access between floors. The design of the Easy Stair enables site operative to walk safely up and down the temporary stairs rather than climbing up or down a ladder. The anti-slip tread allows operatives to move up and down the stairs easily and safely. The double hand rails of the Easy Stair increase the ease of use and site safety.

The Easy Stair is suitable for floor to floor heights of 2.65m to 3.05m. The 0.65m stair width allows the Easy Stair to be used even in the narrowest of openings. Manufactured in the UK from durable aluminium, the Easy Stair is robust and hard wearing. Weighing only 24kg, the Easy Stair can be set up by a single operative in minutes. Safe secure access is achieved in minutes with the Easy Stair from safety Platforms.

The Easy Stair can also be used for access as works progress to prevent damage to the finish of the permanent staircase.

Order the Easy Stair temporary site staircase from Safety Platforms for only £495.00. For safer working and safer access on site order the Easy Stair today. Order with our next working day delivery for safer working on site tomorrow. Keep safe on site with Safety Platforms.