folding aluminium work platforms

Folding Aluminium Work Platforms £44

When you’re working on site folding aluminium work platforms easily increase your reach. Safety Platforms have the folding work platform for you from only £44.

The HSE guidelines clarifies work at height means work above ground or floor level. A fall, if precautions are not taken, would result in injury. Safety Platforms have a range of folding platforms that comply with BS EN131. Folding work platforms that comply with BS EN131 have a safe working load of 150kg. The practical and generous 150kg safe working load allows tradesmen to work safely with materials and equipment.

The extra long folding work platforms provide greater work area from a single position. Work for long without have to stop and move the work platform. Our wider work platforms give trademen a deeper work surface for increased safety and confidence. In addition, we have a number of 600mm high work platforms. It is commonly a requirement of many site managers that work platforms on site are 600mm high.

Folding work platforms are a convenient and practical alternative to scaffold towers and ladders. A folding work platform save time , money and space. It only takes seconds to safely set up the platform. Made from durable light weight aluminium suitable for use on building sites and commercial settings. With folding legs, the work platforms are compact and light weight, easily fitting into a car or small van. The compact folding platform is easy to transport and to store when not in use. The anti-slip surfaces of the work platforms ensures tradesmen can work with confidence.

Whatever your job on site, Safety Platforms have the folding platform for you. Order folding aluminium work platforms from Safety Platforms from only £44. Work safely at height with a folding work platform that meets the HSE guidelines. Keep safe working at height with Safety Platforms.