temporary site staircase

HSE Compliant Temporary Staircase

The Safety Platforms Easystair is a HSE compliant temporary staircase available now for only £495.00. Keep safe when working at height with Safety Platforms.

The HSE have issued alerts and guidance for work at height. The use of ladders on site is of concern to the HSE. Reduce the potential for falls and injuries with aluminium temporary staircase. The Easystair is manufactured in the UK and complies with BSEN131 for safer work at height. Falls from height are costly and can result in lengthy delays to work and fines. Save money and time with a temporary site staircase that complies with HSE guidelines. The Easystair weighs only 24kg making it easy to handle and compliant with manual handling regulations. The Easystair can be set up and fitted in just a couple of minutes by a single operative. Designed for use with floor to floor heights of between 2.65m and 3.05. The Easystair can be moved from plot to plot as works progress.

The Easystair temporary staircase is a popular lightweight aluminium site staircase. The Easystair has an anti-slip surface to each tread. The treads are wider and provide more stability than the rungs of a traditional site ladder. Site safety is further enhanced by the double handrails of the Easystair. Site operatives can safely and quickly access upper levels. Equipment and materials can be transported easily as the Easystair has a 250kg safe working load.

In addition to increasing site safety, using the Easystair ensures the permanent staircase is undamaged during construction. Damage can occur to the finish of the permanent stairs as work progresses and using the Easystair allows operative safe easy access without damaging the finished stairs.

Order your HSE compliant temporary staircase from Safety Platforms for only £495 for safer work at height on site. Safety Platforms keep you safe on site with UK made quality temporary staircases. Next working day delivery option available for temporary site stairs.