temporary ladder access hatch

Temporary Ladder Access Hatch

The Safety Platforms lightweight aluminium ladder hatch is a quick to fit temporary ladder access hatch. You can have safer ladder access on site for only £89.00. Safety Platforms also provide a next working day delivery option.

Accessing upper floors before the installation of the permanent staircase can be a problem. The Safety Platforms ladder hatch is manufactured in the UK from strong, lightweight aluminium. The ladder hatch can easily be fitted between joists. When you fit a Safety Platforms ladder hatch, you have safer ladder access between floors without needing to sacrifice or replace joists. The ladder hatch is designed for use with any timber floor set up. The frame of the ladder hatch is pre-drilled. The floor access hatch frame can be secured in position by screwing into the timber flooring.

Constructed from durable aluminium, the ladder hatch access needs minimal installation and can easily be moved from plot to plot as work on site progresses. Save time and fit a temporary ladder access hatch. The ready made access hatch saves both time, labour and money.

The ladder hatch has an anti-slip surface for increased safety when the hatch is in the closed position. For increased safety and security the integral fixings of the ladder hatch will allow a ladder to be tied to the hatch frame. The access hatch can be fully closed safely with the ladder in position. The access hatch has an opening which is 565mm wide and 735mm long. The overall dimensions of the ladder hatch are 605mm wide and 835mm long. The safe working load of the ladder access hatch is 200kg. The aluminium ladder hatch weighs only 8kg.

For safer ladder access between floors on site, order a temporary ladder access hatch. The Safety Platforms aluminium ladder hatch is available for only £89.00. Keep safe when working at height with ladder access you can trust from Safety Platforms.