Aluminium ladder hatch access

Ladder Hatch Access Trapdoor

The Safety Platforms ladder hatch access trapdoor provides easy safe ladder access on site and available online for only £89 from Safety Platforms with next day delivery.

The Safety Platforms ladder hatch access trapdoor is used on construction sites to enable tradesmen and building site operatives safe and easy access between floor prior to the installation of the permanent staircase.

The temporary access ladder hatch from Safety Platforms is manufactured from aluminium which is both lightweight and strong with an anti-slip surface. The ladder hatch from Safety Platforms is easy to install, easily fitting between joists for quick easy ladder access between floors.

The pre-fabricated ladder access hatch from Safety Platforms reduces the element of human error when access between floor levels is required. The ladder hatch can be moved from building plot to building plot once the stairs have been completed, ready for the next building under construction.

For improved productivity on site, the ladder hatch access trapdoor from Safety Platforms is the ideal choice on constructions sites for quick, cost effective temporary access hatch, providing safe easy access between floors for site operatives.

Order your ladder hatch access trapdoor for only £89 online from Safety Platforms for easier safer working on site.