Easy deck stairwell cover

Easy Deck Stairwell Cover

Using the Safety Platforms Easy Deck stairwell cover is an easy way to secure stairwell voids on construction sites to maintain safe, easy access to the upper floor levels.  The Safety Platforms stairwell void cover is quick and easy to fit.

Using the Safety Platforms Easy Deck void cover saves money as the safety stairwell cover that can be fitted to a stairwell void under construction in a matter of minutes and can be used and refitted again and again. The Easy Deck stairwell cover can be fitted easily to a stairwell opening, saving on joinery time and is fitted without the having to sacrifice additional joists and boards. The stairwell cover boards can be moved to allow the safe passing up of building materials and equipment.

With a save working load of 200kg, the Easydeck gives convenient, safe access. The stairwell cover from Safety Platforms is 625mm wide and 3000mm long, fitting stairwell voids under construction.

The money saving stairwell void cover from Safety Platforms, making working on site easier and safer, order your Easy Deck stairwell cover online for only £460 from Safety Platforms.