safe truss bracing ladder

Safe Truss Bracing Ladder STA System

The Safety Platforms STA System is the UK’s most popular safe truss bracing ladder. The STA System is available from £262 from Safety Platforms.

Working on a roof can be dangerous the STA system is a safer truss bracing system. The HSE record falls from height result in more deaths and serious injuries within the construction industry. Almost a quarter of deaths from falls from height relate to roofers. The HSE classify any work on a roof as high risk because work at height is unavoidable. Fixing bracing timbers to roof trusses is a dangerous activity. The potential fall for joiners bracing roof trusses can be 7 metres.  Any work on a roof is high risk because it involves work at height. High standards of safety are essential for both long or short term projects. A major safety concern for the house building industry is fixing bracing timbers to roof trusses safely.

The STA System is a bespoke safe truss access system making truss bracing safer, easier and faster. For safer work at height, house builders are using the award winning STA System truss ladder, winner of the 2014 Housebuilder Products award. The STA System is used on hundreds of house building sites across the UK by the nation’s leading house builders.

The STA System enables a joiner to fix four trusses safely from one position. Joiners now have both hands free to fix timbers and maintain 3 points of contact. There’s  no need for joiners to climb on to roof trusses when fixing any longer. Additional protection is provided by the trusses on either side of the operative with lateral restraint brackets preventing sideways ladder movement.

Order the UK’s most popular solution for the safer roof truss bracing. Order your safe truss bracing ladder system from Safety Platforms.