stairsafe ladder and platform

Stairsafe Ladder and Platform from £485

Order the innovative Stairsafe ladder and platform from only £485. Working in stairwells can be challenging, the Stairsafe provides convenient, safe access for half the price of other systems. The Stairsafe is made in the UK and in stock ready for dispatch from Safety Platforms.

The Stairsafe stairwell platform is quick and easily to assemble with only 2 main components. Ideal for trades such as plasterers and decorators or operatives working at height within a stairwell. The stairwell platform provides site operatives with complete access to the area being worked on. Additional guardrails can easily be added to the Stairsafe which simply click into place. Operatives on site can work safely at height with confidence using the Stairsafe. The Stairsafe is the most popular stairwell platform in the UK and is significantly cheaper than its competitors without compromising on site safety.

The aluminium stairwell platform can be assembled by a solo operative in under two minutes. Manufactured from lightweight, durable aluminium, the Stairsafe stairwell platform is easy to transport. The Stairsafe can even be stored outside and won’t rust due to its aluminium construction. The Stairsafe platform is 2.2m long as standard with the option for a 1.7m long platform and a 2.6m long platform. A 3m Stairsafe platform is also available for larger staircases. The Stairsafe platform height can be set to allow access to the ceiling, avoiding the need to use hop-up platforms when working on ceiling in a stairwell.

In 2019, there was a new innovative addition to the Stairsafe stairwell platform, the Stairsafe Kitewinder system. The Safety Platforms Stairsafe systems prevent falls from stairs.

The Stairsafe stairwell ladder and platform is manufactured in our UK factory. Order from Safety Platforms and you could receive your order the next working day. There no need to wait weeks for an overseas delivery, your Stairsafe ladder and platform will be dispatched to you from our UK factory. Work safely in stairwells with the Safety Platforms Stairsafe, only £485.