Telescopic edge protection

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The Safety Platforms telescopic edge protection system is a cost effective system to protect opening and edges on construction sites. The classic telescopic “L” formation is available for only £176. For increase site safety, order your telescopic guardrail protection from Safety Platforms. You can improve your site safety tomorrow, simply select our next working day delivery option.

Open voids and stairwell edges can be protected in just a couple of minutes with the Safety Platforms edge protection system. The telescopic guardrails from Safety Platforms provide an edge protection system that is easy to secure in position and reposition as works on site progress.

The classic “L” telescopic edge protection system has 3 upright support posts which are secured to the floor with four screws through the base plate. Once the upright guardrail posts are fastened in position, the telescopic guardrails are simply extended to attach to the guardrail posts, creating an effective and secure guardrail around the opening. The telescopic  guardrails of the “L” shaped edge protection system include two standard guardrails which extend from 1.2m to 2m and two short guardrails which extend from 0.8m to 1.2m.

With telescopic guardrails, the Safety Platforms edge protection system saves money on site and reduces waste. The telescopic guardrails can be moved and re-used on site as works progress, time and time again. Using telescopic guardrails, the guardrails extend and contract to the precise length to create a safe and effective edge barrier. The telescopic guardrails also take less space when stored and there’s no joinery skills required to fit the telescopic guardrails and support posts from Safety Platforms.

For safer systems on site that save time and money, protect open edges and voids quickly and securely with the easy to use telescopic guardrails and support posts from Safety Platforms. For safer working on site, order your classic “L” telescopic edge protection from Safety Platforms for only £176.00. Keep safe on site, guard and protect voids and open edges when you order your telescopic guardrail system with next working day delivery from Safety Platforms.