Zarges telescopic ladder

Telescopic Ladder

Order your telescopic ladder from Safety Platforms for only £149 online.

Many tradesmen now prefer to use telescopic compact ladders on construction sites instead of using heavy, cumbersome traditional ladders. The Safety Platforms telescopic ladders are compact, light, easy to use and easy to store. The Zarges Telemaster compact telescopic ladders are also supplied with a free storage carry case for your Zarges compact ladder.

The Zarges compact ladder extends with a full extended length of 3.8m and a closed compact ladder length of 0.84m. One of the many benefits of a telescopic ladder is the compact size of the ladder when in the closed position, the telescopic ladders fit easily into a car or van and can easily be moved and handled by a single operative with a weight of 13.71kg. Using telescopic compact ladders frees up storage space in vehicles, making it easier to transport the ladders leaving more space for equipment and materials and reduces the overall weight load for the vehicle. The ladder also has a wide tread, making the compact ladder comfortable and safe to use.

The telescopic compact ladder offers tradesmen and domestic users alike, a compact ladder with a useful 3.8m extended ladder length which also has a weight rating of 150kg for the telescopic Zarges work ladder and fully compliant with the new 2018 EN 131 regulations. The compact ladder can be extended rung by rung to the desired work height, removing the need to transport ladders of different lengths when a practical, versatile option is the Zarges compact ladder.

Order the Zarges telescopic ladder from Safety Platforms for only £149 with a two year warranty and available with a next day delivery option.