telescopic ladder

Telescopic Ladder from Zarges

Order your telescopic ladder online from Safety Platforms for only £149.00.

Telescopic ladders are a practical alternative for many tradesmen to transporting traditional ladders on and around construction sites. Traditional ladders are unwieldly, heavy to carry and can require a larger work vehicle to transport to building sites. The Telemaster telescopic ladders are a space saving alternative to transporting traditional heavy ladders to building sites.

The Telemaster telescopic ladders extend to 3.8 metres, providing tradesmen working on site with an extending ladder with a generous reach for use on site that is easy to transport, taking up only minimal space in a van or car. The Telemaster is a compact extending ladder, extending from 0.84m to 3.8m in seconds and weighing under 14kg. This compact extending ladder from Safety Platforms is EN 131 certified and fits easily into any vehicle.

The Zarges compact ladder is the practical choice for many tradesmen, light and easy to transport and position on site and strong with a 150kg weight rating. This compact ladder can be extended rung by rung, making this a versatile ladder for most tradesmen working within the construction industry.

Using a telescopic compact ladder in preference to heavy traditional ladders and free space in your works van for materials and lessening the load your works van carries, reduces the fuel consumption of your vehicle, saving you money.

Work smarter with the Zarges Telemaster telescopic ladder, taking up less space, weighing only 13.78kg and with a practical full extension of 3.8m. Order your compact ladder from Safety Platforms for only £149.