roof truss bracing ladder

Roof Truss Bracing Ladder

Make bracing timbers to roof trusses quicker, easier and safer with our roof truss bracing ladder. The STA System from Safety Platforms is an award winning truss ladder. Order your truss ladder from Safety Platforms for only £262.00.

The HSE regularly highlight the dangers of working at height. Falls from height can result in serious juries or fatalities. Bracing roofing timbers has to be carried out at height. When work at height cannot be avoided it is important to use the right equipment. The risk of falling when bracing timbers can be reduced. Reduce the potential for serious accidents by using STA System. Keep safe on site with the STA System.

The award winning STA System is the roof truss bracing ladder used by major house builders in the UK. The bespoke truss ladder is a class 1 ladder which complies with BS2037 for professional use. The industrial strength truss ladder has a superior strength due to the welding on the spreader bar. The innovative design of truss bracing system improves work at height safety. The welded spreader bars of the truss ladder securely sit within the “V” point long the roof truss chord. At the higher levels, the sturdy spreader bars span between the roof trusses.

The STA System enables joiners to fix roof trusses and maintain three points of contact. From only one STA ladder position, four roof trusses can quickly be fixed in position. The safe truss access ladder weights 12.9kg making it easier to position and use. The truss ladder extends to 3.6m from a closed length of 2.15m. The closed ladder is easier to handle and manoeuvre into position. The truss ladder extends up to the correct height for safer truss bracing. The STA System can be used safely even when there is no decking or scaffold below the roof truss.

For safer roof truss bracing, order the STA System roof truss bracing ladder from Safety Platforms. Order your truss ladder from Safety Platforms for only £262. Keep safe on site with Safety Platforms.