Fall Prevention Edge Protection

Telescopic Temporary Edge Protection

The classic “L” telescopic temporary edge protection system is available from Safety Platforms for only £176. For UK manufactured edge protection with a speedy despatch, order online with Safety Platforms.

Open stairwell voids can result in serious injury on construction site across the country. Safety Platforms have a cost effective and easy to install solution to prevent falls due to unguarded voids and edges. Protecting an open void is easy with the telescopic edge protection system from Safety Platforms. The Safety Platforms edge protection systems have a simple securing method that can be fitted and secured in minutes. The telescopic guardrails provide flexibility on site to guard open stairwells and voids without the need to cut lengths of timber. Using the telescopic guardrails and posts ensures openings are securely guarded to prevent accidents on site due to falls from unguarded open edges.

The telescopic temporary edge protection system comprises of steel posts and telescopic rails which form a highly visible robust barrier. The steel posts are quickly secured in position with 4 screws to the base plate. Telescopic tubes connect the posts to form a secure and stable double guard rail. The telescopic guardrails are available in two lengths, the short length telescopic guardrail measures from 0.8m to 1.2m and the standard length telescopic guardrail measures from 1.2m to 2m. For additional site safety, toe boards can also be fixed to the telescopic edge protection system.

As work progresses on site, the edge protection can be moved to another position as required, quickly and easily. The steel upright posts have a yellow finish making the telescopic edge protection system highly visible to site operatives. The telescopic guardrails can be adjusted , shortened or lengthened to protect an open edge as necessary.

For flexible site edge protection, order the Safety Platforms telescopic temporary edge protection system, available online and with a next working day delivery option.